Accelerating patient care through innovation

Let's identify and rapidly develop innovative medical research into commercial opportunities. Together, we can address important issues in healthcare.

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Reducing the timeframe from research to focused discovery

What is LAB591?

LAB591 is a partnership between Fred Hutch, Evotec SE, and Arix Bioscience. We aim to stimulate the formation of new companies, providing funding and expertise to achieve preclinical proof of concept for groundbreaking therapeutics.


Secure funding to translate disease-related research into focused programs.


Services include target validation, hit identification, medicinal chemistry, and more.


Our researchers will have support across a wide range of drug discovery and development capabilities.


Work with our blueprint for translating academic research into market-ready products for patients to benefit.

From research to funding

Connecting innovators and investors

From scouting promising science to propelling it through drug discovery infrastructure and expertise, LAB591 drives the process with the goal of transforming discoveries into potential medicines and viable startup companies.

Together let's accelerate patient care

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