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How to apply to LAB591

LAB591 can help academics access a wide range of early stage drug discovery and development capabilities, like those available through LAB591 partner, Evotec. Funding for proof of concept studies is available through Arix Bioscience, our LAB591 funding partner.

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  • Target Identification
  • Target Validation
  • Screening
  • Hit-to-Lead
  • Lead Optimization
  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Proteomics and Metabolomics
  • Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics (DMPK)
  • Testing Novel Therapeutics using in vitro models
  • Testing Novel Therapeutics using in vivo models

Submit Letter of Interest

Innovators affiliated with Fred Hutch submit a Letter of Interest

Due Diligence

Arix Bioscience, Evotec AG, and Fred Hutch conduct technical, market, and intellectual property analyses


LAB591 and innovators collaboratively prepare the project plan and budgets

Final Decision

Innovators make formal presentations to the Joint Steering Committee who then make the final admission decision

Project Launch

Projects eligible for consideration by LAB591

LAB591 is designed to support drug discovery and early preclinical development. The following types of projects are candidates for the program.

If you have questions about your eligibility, please contact us.

  • Critical experiments to support final stages of target identification or validation
  • High throughput screening on targets of interest
  • Hit-to-Lead Generation
  • Testing novel therapeutic strategies in vitro and in vivo
  • Early ADME and DMPK

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LAB591’s services are exclusively available to researchers, students or other affiliated staff of Fred Hutch.

If you have questions about your eligibility, please contact us.

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