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Hegel, who famously asserted that criminals have a right to be punished, and are honored as rational beings when the authorities inflict it on them. Duff who seem to belong to this reform tradition, as we might call it, although they often reject the more extravagant claims of the founding fathers. Definition: - Walter Reckless describes punishment as "the redress that the commonwealth takes against an offending member.

Is the infliction of punishment morally justifiable? These complex questions will be addressed in the following discussion of the rationale, justification, and nature of punishment. Rules about punishment, such as how much punishment can be inflicted and for what kinds of behavior, are of course contained in laws and regulations, so in this sense law justifies punishment. However, the moral justification for punishment is a separate issue from the legal justification because, although the law may provide for the infliction of punishment, societys moral justification for punishment still has to be established.

What is Punishment

Corporal punishment, being a physical means of punishment, is an infliction of pain as punishment for wrongdoings and unacceptable behavior. It is the punishment administered by an adult as a parent or a teacher to the body of a child ranging in severity from a slap to a spanking Merriam Webster, Corporal punishment is, indeed, a painful means of punishment, yet the perpetual issue regarding corporal punishment is whether or not the infliction of physical pain is justifiable in the context of disciplining young elementary school children. There have been a lot of opinions raised regarding this issue for the past decades. Apparently, laws and treaties prohibiting corporal punishment have also been put forth, and other less physical forms of punishment have already emerged in order to avoid corporal punishment. However, despite all these reasons, corporal punishment is still more effective in encouraging discipline and understanding among elementary school children. There are a lot of reasons why corporal punishment is more effective than other means of punishment.

School corporal punishment has been banned in virtually all of Europe, most of South America, more than half of U. The rst country in the world to prohibit it was Poland in Legality of corporal punishment of minors in Europe Corporal punishment banned in both schools and the home Corporal punishment banned in schools only Corporal punishment allowed in schools and in the home School corporal punishment, an ocial punishment for misbehaviour by school students, involves striking the student a given number of times in a generally methodical and premeditated ceremony. The punishment is usually administered either across the buttocks[1] or on the hands,[2] with an implement specially kept for the purpose such as a rattan cane, wooden paddle, slipper, leather strap or wooden yardstick. Less commonly, it could also include spanking or smacking the student in a deliberate manner on a specic part of the body with the open hand, especially at the elementary school level.

What is Punishment

Contents Meaning. Aims and Objectives. Types of Discipline. Approaches to Discipline. Disciplinary Actions.

The purpose of the criminal justice is to punish the wrong doer who is punished by the state. Purpose of punishment is to make men better or protection of the society. With the passage of time, various theories for punishments have been given by different jurists. By using this method, the society will be protected from the criminals. A When offender puts in jail, it breeds Nasal more crimes B For a long time keeping him in a jail with habitual offenders, it makes him more cruel.

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Foucault, Discipline and Punish, Pan Optic On”

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Argumentative Essay-Final Draft

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