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Grounded theory is a well-known methodology employed in many research studies.

Helmut R. By Barney G. Glaser and Anselm L. Chicago: Aldine Publishing Company, Most users should sign in with their email address.

Grounded theory research: A design framework for novice researchers

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An introduction to grounded theory

Two articles in this launch issue of the journal explore the patient experience of haemophilia. To set the context, Martin Bedford explains the grounded theory method, and gives a brief overview of how and when it might be used in haemophilia research. Grounded theory is a research methodology used in the social sciences developed by Glaser and Strauss in [ 1 ] and subsequently refined by Glaser and others. Its motive is clearly outlined in the two elements of its name — it is grounded in the sense that it starts with the phenomena selected for study, and it aims to produce theory that can explain this phenomena. As such, the method is appropriate for making sense of poorly or partly understood phenomena. If the reader can accept that all is data…[then] grounded theory is a general method that can be used on all data in whatever combination. In essence the method may generate theory from data collected by any means, with theory emerging from the data.

Glaser and Strauss, Awareness.., op. cit., Chapters 3 See Barney C. Glaser and Anseim L. Strauss, “The Social Loss of Aldine publishing Co., ). “.

The Discovery of Grounded Theory: Strategies for Qualitative Research

In this chapter we introduce grounded theory methodology and methods. In particular we clarify which research questions are appropriate for a grounded theory study and give an overview of the main techniques and procedures, such as the coding procedures, theoretical sensitivity, theoretical sampling, and theoretical saturation. We further discuss the role of theory within grounded theory and provide examples of studies in which the coding paradigm of grounded theory has been altered in order to be better suitable for applications in mathematics education.

An introduction to grounded theory


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Glaser and Anselm L. Strauss (Aldine Publishing Company,. ) and The Nurse and the Dying Patient by Jeanne C. Quint. (Macmillan, ). A fourth book.

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Methodological perspectives in the use of grounded theory in nursing and health research.

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This essay focuses on one qualitative research method, grounded theory.

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