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In the field of sociolinguistics , social network describes the structure of a particular speech community. Social networks are composed of a "web of ties" Lesley Milroy between individuals, and the structure of a network will vary depending on the types of connections it is composed of. Social network theory as used by sociolinguists posits that social networks, and the interactions between members within the networks, are a driving force behind language change.

Review of Linguistic variation and change, by James Milroy

Skip to content. Skip to navigation. This programmatic paper investigates the possibilities, chances, and risks of analyzing personal and professional online communication from the point of view of interactional sociolinguistics combined with modern social network analysis SNA. Thus, it has two complementing goals: One is the exploration of adequate, innovative concepts and methods for analyzing online communication, the other is to use online communication and its ontological and functional specificities to enrich the conceptual and methodological background of SNA. The paper is organized in two parts. It begins with an introduction to recent developments in sociolinguistic social network analysis. Here, three interesting new concepts and tools are discussed: latent versus emergent networks Watts , coalitions Fitzmaurice a, Fitzmaurice b , and communities of practice Wenger ; Eckert

Sociolinguistic surveys have shown that language variation cannot only be found among groups with varying socio-economic status but also within one group. Following the regular class pattern, we could expect the members of one socio-economic status group to show uniform linguistic behaviour. Obviously this is not the case in reality. Even speakers with the same socio-economic status are characterized by their varying use of language. Consequently, there must be other significant factors than such static social variables as class or gender which can account for linguistic variation. The concept of the social network was introduced to the field of sociolinguistics by Lesley and James Milroy. In her study of three working-class communities in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Lesley Milroy found significant deviations from the classic class and gender pattern.

Sociolinguistics pp Cite as. In any real community individuals and groups will vary in the relative intensity of ties, and this is what makes it possible to compare them in these terms. But behind this there lies an idealization which predicts that in a community bound by maximally dense and multiplex network ties linguistic change would not take place at all. No such community can actually exist, but the idealization is important, because it also implies that to the extent that relatively weak ties exist in communities as in fact they do , the conditions will be present for linguistic change to take place. This perception was partly borne out even in the inner-city research. The idea that relative strength of network tie is a powerful predictor of language use is thus implicit in the interpretative model we have used throughout: it predicts, amongst other things, that to the extent that ties are strong, linguistic change will be prevented or impeded, whereas to the extent that they are weak, they will be more open to external influences, and so linguistic change will be facilitated. Unable to display preview.

Social network (sociolinguistics)

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. Gong and W. Gong , W. Wang Published Computer Science. Social networks play an important role in determining the dynamics and outcome of language change.

Network Structure and Linguistic Change

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Social network (sociolinguistics)

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Review of Linguistic variation and change, by James Milroy

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