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fast track keyboard chords and scales pdf

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This basic music theory guide looks at fundamental concepts musicians use to understand, analyze, and create music.

Guitar Fast Track Music Instruction. Softcover Audio Online. With guitar chord diagrams, standard notation and instructional text. Published by Hal Leonard HL.

Keyboard Chords & Scales Fast Track

Major scales, natural minor scales, harmonic minor scales, melodic minor scales, chromatic scales, diminished scales, Lydian augmented scales… Scales, scales, scales! Just how many scales do we really need to know? Well, there is one scale that — while it may not rule them all — is by far the most useful. This scale, found in virtually every culture in the world, is the pentatonic or five-note scale, existing in major and minor forms. And despite its ancient origins, the pentatonic scale is as fresh and new and useful today as it has ever been.

Keyboard & piano chords & scales

Chords and sequences of chords are frequently used in modern West African [3] [ failed verification ] and Oceanic music, [4] Western classical music, and Western popular music ; yet, they are absent from the music of many other parts of the world. In tonal Western classical music music with a tonic key or "home key" , the most frequently encountered chords are triads , so called because they consist of three distinct notes: the root note, and intervals of a third and a fifth above the root note. Chords with more than three notes include added tone chords , extended chords and tone clusters , which are used in contemporary classical music , jazz and almost any other genre. A series of chords is called a chord progression. Although any chord may in principle be followed by any other chord, certain patterns of chords are more common in Western music, and some patterns have been accepted as establishing the key tonic note in common-practice harmony —notably the resolution of a dominant chord to a tonic chord. To describe this, Western music theory has developed the practice of numbering chords using Roman numerals [7] to represent the number of diatonic steps up from the tonic note of the scale.

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When most people think of music theory, they imagine something dry and boring. Eventually, most people give up. The problem is that most people are forced to learn the wrong music theory. You play in a band.

Five Notes Will Change Your Life: Pentatonic Scales

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Piano scales – overviews and instructions

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