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People want and need vegetables and related food with good taste and high nutritional quality. Our national diet is a disgrace. We have a huge problem of obesity. We use present and future agricultural technology to produce organic, tasty, and nutritional vegetables.

How to Start a Fruit Market Business

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Ernest Hoza. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Horticulture as an industry dates back in 17th Century when growth of large cities made it impractical for individuals to produce necessary garden crops on their own property.

To-date modern horticulture is a multi-million dollar business in advanced countries. In Tanzania, the volume of exports of these crops in was: vegetables 6, tons, flowers tons, spices tons, and fruits 3, tons, earning the nation over TAS 7. Vegetables and fruits also contribute considerably to improving the quality of diet and human nutrition and income. These crops are excellent sources of Vitamins A and C, iron, calcium, carbohydrates and proteins.

Some vegetables have higher protein content than rice and legumes when expressed in dry matter content. Tanzania has high potential for producing horticultural crops but this has yet to be fully exploited. The main constraints limiting production include: Poor production organization inadequate supply of seeds as well as inputs, and poor research and extension services ; Poor marketing system resulting in quality deterioration and huge post-harvest losses; Inadequate storage, packing technology and processing facilities which in turn create gluts and severe shortages of these items during off season; Poor roads, particularly feeder roads and inadequate and inappropriate transport availability and Poor quality control system and lack of packing materials.

Dodoma Region is one of the places horticulture Agriculture is being conducted although not at a large extent. Some areas are conducting this Agriculture and employing high technology. Example of the horticulture farms is in Zuzu whereby they cultivate different vegetable and fruit products. Despite the farms being there in other parts of the region the products are still not enough considering the higher increase of the population due to increase of institutions in the region and many parts being affected by climatic change hence poor quality of land without enough water leading to poor quality of the products.

Our motive to conduct this business project is based on the reason that Tanzania, specifically in Dodoma can utilize the potentialities of the available land resources, labor, irrigation technologies, as well as population which serves as customers to produce adequate quantity and quality of vegetables and fruits for development as well as for commercial purposes.

Modern farming technology like the use of irrigation schemes, tractors, quality seeds and other inputs is to be employed to ensure quality and sustainability of our project 2. Demand for vegetable and fruits, before developing this business plan we conducted the market appraisal in Dodoma municipality and we came to discover that there is high demand of vegetables in Dodoma where by most of the vegetables are from Morogoro, Iringa and other regions.

The high demand of the vegetables in Dodoma is an opportunity as at the end we want to be the best suppliers of vegetable and fruits therefore it can results into enough benefits. Our agricultural activities we will conduct in Dodoma especial Bahi Hombolo and Dodoma municipality whereby there is fertile soil which is favorable for our project but also there is availability of water from walls construction that can be used for irrigation activities instead depending on rain fed agriculture.

In addition, the proposed project will contribute to the poverty and hunger reduction at a certain proportionate in Dodoma municipality because the supplier of the vegetable will be high and therefore eventually the price will be low hence everyone will be able to purchase at the desirable amount.

It is important for us to provide a quality product and agricultural education for the market consumer 4. Targeted market The market for the business is very reliable and covers the whole areas around Dodoma and other region but mostly we will focus to the hotels, supermarket and collages cafeteria.

Our target market will focuses in Tanzania at large in it future the market segment is expected to expand even out of Tanzania Profile of competition The competitions for the business do exist although the market for vegetable and fruits is available regardless of price fluctuation due to various factors such as increase number of competitors. Competitive advantage The group Youth for business we will offer unique product whereby will ensure quality production, quality packing and good way of supplying our product also in terms of price will be low and affordable.

Thus will ensure constant market. The organization will do its best to make sure that the cost of production and administration are small as possible in order to sell the product at the price that everyone will afford it Markets trends Youth for business will be aware with the factors that affect that affecting marketing growth such as government policy population shifts and social economic trends Marketing strategy Youth for business will expand its market beyond regional level for the reason of increasing sales to maximize organizations profit and to increase the market share.

We will use different distribution channels to meet the market which are through selling agencies, direct sell to final users, networking marketing to satisfy the targeted customers all over its market segment. Also organization will visit and attend trade fairs like sabasaba and nanenane to meet with various customers so as to get exposure to existing and perspective and prospective customer 6. The organization members are the people with the same interest of entrepreneurship and self-employed individuals.

The members of the Organization are the people above the age of eighteen years old 18 Moreover, the members have undergone different social, economic, political and cultural experiences hence are they have acquired some tactical skills, expertise and knowledge.

Cooperation, this means all staff of the company should make sure they work as a team in all activities related to their position, therefore by doing that the organization will achieve its goal due to the fact that team work will increase the spirit of hardworking and hence increase production Accountability, in order to meet the international market and to become the most producer and suppliers of vegetables and fruits, the management and staffs should be accountable to each regardless our status difference including level of education, skills, experiences.

By doing so, it help to meet our goals and objectives of the organization. Transparent, this means that all member of the organization should be transparent everywhere within the organization; the transparent should include the follow of information and other resource.

This will help us to trust each other in the organization. Unity, in the organization we require to work as team in order to produce vegetables and fruits with high quality and large quantity to meet the market demand. This the most important value that by having that other values will be to go with it.

Partnership, we are working with different partiers in the scope, so to build the partner around the countries where goods and services are provided and out. Wider the door of having partners lead to increase knowledge and skills among members in the organization. Accuracy, the organization work in accuracy nature to each other by being truthiness in allocation of resource and other related materials for production Equity and equality, Organization will always try to promote equality and equity to workers so as to create unity and harmony.

Thus will made organization to perform at better performance in which will results high production of the products. Also this will ensure absence discrimination between male workers and female workers as both will treated the same concerning service provided by the company. It involves measuring, recording, collecting, processing and communicating information to assist project management decisions.

There should be one format for monitoring and reporting throughout the life of the project to make it adaptable when there is a change of personnel, management and decision makers. Monitoring is an internal project management tool therefore it will be conducted by the project coordinator regularly.

The project coordinator will ensure that inputs, work schedules and outputs are proceeding according to the plan, provide records of inputs use activities and results, warn the deviations from initial goals and expected outcome. In order to attain the expected results the project coordinator and the whole project team will use the following monitoring tools; Field visits, these are very essential for any field-based project and they are to be planned well in order to be of maximum use.

Field visit will be an often used monitoring tool due to the nature of the project. Annual and semi-annual project reports, these act as a self-assessment by the project management that serves as the basis for assessing the performance of projects in terms of their contributions to intended outcomes through outputs.

The project coordinator will prepare semi-annual reports and annual reports which will be submitted to the project stakeholders. Annual work plan, detail the activities to be carried out by a project including who is responsible for what, time frames, planned inputs and funding sources in order to generate outputs in relation to the outcome. Annual work plan will be developed for the use of the project throughout its lifetime and it will be reviewed and amended at each year of the project.

It determines whether the project objectives have been achieved, whether the resources committed were utilized effectively and efficiently. The intention of this evaluation is to improve performance of the project activities. Final or terminal evaluation, this will also be conducted by the internal project evaluator at the end of the project to determine the extent to which anticipated outcomes were produced and it is intended to provide information about the worth of the project.

Generally evaluation will focus on; Assessing the reasons for success or failure of specific aspects of the business Assessing whether the business is achieving its objectives and targets Assessing the adequacy of resources being mobilized to implement the project Determining whether available resources are being utilized efficiently to achieve the targets set for the strategic objectives of the business Determining whether the business is facing any problems that need immediate or long- term solutions Related Papers.

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Agriculture Fruit Farm Business Plan

Page 1. This is like a map. Starting the business without any plan is same as a journey without map or guide. Business plan checks the reality and viability of proposed business. We have tried to justify the project by analyzing the feasibility of business. This project also includes the estimation of future income statements, cash flows and break even analysis as well.

Prepare prayerfully. Proceed positively. Pursue persistently. In this piece of writing you will understand what are door to door businesses and how to start a door to door vegetable and fruit business. The need of door to door business services are increasing day by day , these services reduce tasks and workload of people , specially for working professionals and house wifes who handle the work all alone. The service is most demanding and it requires a good base of understanding to serve for the community. First you will see what is door to door business, requirements and business market requirements.

This section is best written after all other parts of a business plan are clearly developed. (self) marketing of high quality fresh and specialty vegetables and small fruits. Web Link: Title.

How to Become a Fruit & Vegetable Trader

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For a good start-up, we need to make a road-map on which we can easily run and win the business race by other competitors. Before making any perfect plan, we need to do the analysis of market, financial and operational feasibility study of a business. Without a proper planning and strategy, there is no benefit for any kind of business execution which can leave the loopholes in actual estimation of future income statements, cash flows, and expected ROI. By Times of India report, India is the second largest producer of fruit and vegetables in the world with annual production of 94 million tonnes after China. With these statistics, we can easily capture this burgeoning market with fruit and vegetable delivery business software.

One of the foremost essential for survival is food. It is an integral and vital element, so much so that food as well as those providing food are revered and respected in the country. However these food providers farmers , despite the respect received are only the food producers, who concentrate only on the process of growing crops and tending to their farms.

Agriculture Fruit Farm Business Plan

Business Plan on Fruits and Vegetable Supply Chain

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Farmers have a lot on their plate with successfully planting, nurturing and harvesting their crops. Many do not have the time to also take on the job of marketing their vegetable or fruit business to potential buyers. Therefore, farmers typically outsource this task to a fruit and vegetable trader, also known as a broker, merchant, dealer or grower's agent, according to the USDA. Fruit and vegetable traders serve as the "middlemen" for farmers and wholesale buyers. Traders develop relationships with both sides of the market: producers trust traders to sell their fruits and vegetables for the highest price possible, whereas buyers trust traders to procure quality fruits and vegetables for a fair price. Fruit and vegetable traders can work on an international or corporate scale, or they can assist farmers in selling their vegetables on a local scale, such as at farmers' markets, to restaurant owners or to co-ops.

vegetable marketing plan, you will need to revisit your current your plan to sell more fruits and vegetables in and evaluated your business plan, you are prepared to decide if a​pdf.

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customers to select the variety/type of vegetable to supply and price. This also gives opportunity to Nationals to order for vegetables. Page 3. OPERATIONAL PLAN.

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▫ develop a business plan. Success requires expertise in all phases of crop production and marketing plus financial and people management skills. The more.

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The latter has long-researched horticultural and agronomic techniques, as well as compost and soil blending technology now being promoted by the DEO, the USDA, the EPA, and other government agencies.

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