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A four-stroke engine is an Internal combustion engine , where four successive strokes i. Suction-Compression-Power-Exhaust completes in two revolutions of the crankshaft. Therefore, the engine is called a Four-stroke engine.

Motorcycle engine

A four-stroke engine is an Internal combustion engine , where four successive strokes i. Suction-Compression-Power-Exhaust completes in two revolutions of the crankshaft.

Therefore, the engine is called a Four-stroke engine. In recent days the majority of automobile runs on a four-stroke cycle. Basic some terms used in this article:. This type of engine based on the Otto cycle.

The various strokes in the operation of a four-stroke cycle petrol engine are described below. And these valves are operated by means of Camshaft. It is rotated at half the speed of a crankshaft. The travel of the piston from one dead center to another is called piston stroke and a four-stroke cycle consists of four strokes :.

In this stroke the suction valve opens, exhaust valves remain in close condition. When the piston reaches the BDC, the inlet valve closes and the flywheel makes a half revolution. In this stroke, the piston moves from the bottom dead center BDC to the top dead center TDC , and both the suction and exhaust valves are in closed condition. The mixture, which was sucked into the cylinder during the suction stroke, is compressed into the combustion chamber.

The heat produced during the compression stroke and vaporize the mixture. As the piston approaches the top dead center, the compression stroke completes, and then the spark plug gives the spark.

Again both the inlet and exhaust valves are closed in this stroke. The compressed charge ignited by the high intensity of the spark and expands adiabatically, therefore, it pushes the piston downward i. During the exhaust stroke, the inlet valve is in a closed condition and the exhaust valve is opened. The stroke is completed when the piston reaches the Top Dead Center. And then again stokes are recycled. In the exhaust stroke in one situation both the valves are in an open condition for some seconds so that fresh charge entered to engine cylinder and pushes the burnt gases out of the cylinder.

This process is called Scavenging. A four-stroke Diesel engine consists of:. In a suction stroke, the inlet valve is in the opened condition and the exhaust valve remains closed. The atmospheric air is drawn into the cylinder as the piston moves from TDC to the BDC due to the partial vacuum air is sucked inside the cylinder.

At the end of the compression stroke, the fuel injector inject the fuel at high pressure into the compressed hot air, thus the ignition takes place inside the cylinder.

During this stroke, both the valves are in closed condition. The piston at the TDC is pushed downward by the expansion of burned gas. In this stroke, the exhaust valve is opened and the inlet valve is in the closed condition. And here is also the scavenging process that happened to remove the burnt gas completely. The four-stroke Diesel engine is one of the most popular prime overs.

It has various types of applications like:. To know more, checkout the Fuel supply system in petrol engines. The supply of lubricating oil between two moving parts of the vehicle is called lubrication.

More on the Lubrication System. All the heat produced by the combustion of fuel is not totally converted into power at the crankshaft. Only about 20 percent of the heat is used as power at the crankshaft. And 35 percent of the heat is transferred to the cylinder wall which cause pre-ignition of the charge and also lubricant burned away due to the heat, therefore the engine maybe seized.

More on Engine Cooling System. In the exhaust stroke in one situation both the valves are in opened condition for some seconds so that fresh charge entered to engine cylinder and pushes the burnt gases out of the cylinder. A four-stroke petrol engine consists of: 1. A cylinder 2.

Cylinder head attaches with spark plug 3. Piston attach with piston ring 4. Connecting rod 5. Crank 6. Crankshaft 7. Valves ETC. So this is the complete overview on Four Stroke Engine , I hope I am able to explain it well, for further more doubts do let me know in the comment section.

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In this article, you will get to know about Rake Angle, its importance and its types. So let's get started. What is a Rake Angle? In this article, I will be going to give you an in-depth overview of the Quick Return Motion Mechanism. So let's get started! What is the Quick Return Mechanism? A quick return motion mechanism Skip to content. Page Contents. What is Scavenging?

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What are the main parts of an engine?

In order to fully understand how the latest in speed parts work, you first need to understand how an engine works. Most cars as we know them are powered by what is called a 4-stroke engine. A 4-stroke refers to the four strokes in the power cycle; the intake stroke, the compression stroke, the power stroke and the exhaust stroke. For now, what you need to know is that the 4-stroke cycle explains how a mixture of gasoline and air can be ignited, combusted and smoothly converted into useable power to hurl you down the quarter mile, around a track or just take you to work. An engine is composed of several major components; the block , the crank , the rods , the pistons , the head or heads , the valves , the cams , the intake and exhaust systems and the ignition system.

Have you ever opened the hood of your car and wondered what was going on in there? A car engine can look like a big confusing jumble of metal, tubes and wires to the uninitiated. You might want to know what's going on simply out of curiosity. Or perhaps you are buying a new car , and you hear things like "2. In this article, we'll discuss the basic idea behind an engine and then go into detail about how all the pieces fit together, what can go wrong and how to increase performance. The purpose of a gasoline car engine is to convert gasoline into motion so that your car can move.

Automobile engines are complicated mechanisms that are made up of several internal parts that work like clockwork to produce that power that moves your vehicle. In order for the engine to operate properly it needs all of its parts to be in good condition. One fault can be disastrous! Let's take a look at the main parts of the engine. The block is the main part of the engine. All other parts of the motor are essentially bolted to it. Inside the block is where the magic happens, such as combustion.

How Car Engines Work

Internal combustion engines come in a wide variety of types, but have certain family resemblances, and thus share many common types of components. Internal combustion engines can contain any number of combustion chambers cylinders , with numbers between one and twelve being common, though as many as 36 Lycoming R have been used. Having more cylinders in an engine yields two potential benefits: first, the engine can have a larger displacement with smaller individual reciprocating masses, that is, the mass of each piston can be less thus making a smoother-running engine since the engine tends to vibrate as a result of the pistons moving up and down. Doubling the number of the same size cylinders will double the torque and power.

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Also at the end of the article I will give you PDF downloadable link.

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What is a 4-stroke engine? [With PDF & Animation]

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A brief description of these parts is given below. Cylinder: The cylinder of an IC engine constitutes the basic and supporting portion of the engine power unit. Its.

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A motorcycle engine is an engine that powers a motorcycle.

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6. Components of a two-stroke engine and their functions. 7. Steps in the operation of a four-stroke engine. 8. Steps in the operation of a two-stroke engine​. 9.

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Be it a motorcycle or a car, everything contains an engine. the working of an engine is, how beautifully, and in tandem, the parts work, so as.

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