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Regimental Fire and Fury Support Page. Home Page.

Fire and Fury Games is a loose consortium of wargamers and designers who enjoy both playing and designing miniature wargames. When they feel that commercially available rules are not satisfactory, their immediate reaction is to develop their own! Their previous efforts were published and distributed by others, but in , they felt that the time was right to undertake these tasks on their own, both for the obvious financial reason and also because they felt that they can give better support to their products if they have more control over them. Regimental Fire and Fury. Product Line: Regimental Fire and Fury.

Fire and fury rules - The american civil war in miniature (ocr).pdf

I attended the Friday night sessions of the Cold Wars miniature wargaming convention in Lancaster, Pa. The above photo is a section of a 25mm game of the Battle of Groveton, presented by Ohio gamemaster Jim Kopchak.

The fighting resulted in a Union victory when the Rebel commanders retired. When a unit ir eliminated, that player who lost the unit must give 1 or 2 flags depending upon the unit to his opponent as trophies of war. If the quality of this first offering is a hint of what is to come, we are in for a real treat as this series progresses through the war. Rich presents 11 different battles, some of which have multiple scenarios to depict portions of the larger fighting on a manageable scale.

These range in chronological order from Big Bethel in to Prairie Grove in , and represent both the Eastern and Western Theaters of the war.

He also presents some optional rules which the gamer may incorporate into these scenarios, or into any other RFF game. These are elements which have evolved from the wider usage of RFF and extensive playtesting among a variety of gaming groups. Having retired in , he now has more time to devote to his hobbies, and with more than 2, copies of RFF sold, he has a devoted following who will look forward to his continued efforts in the years to come.

The scenario appears in Issue 34 of the Charge! Lowell has produced full-color labels for each unit in the battle. Note the labels in the photograph of the terrain table shown above. These labels help identify the regiment or battery, as well as key commanders and leaders, and provide information on strength, morale, etc.

They are color-coded to help easily identify which brigade each regiment belongs with on the table for command and control, etc. Copy of Bald Hill OoB A typical Johnny Reb 3 terrain table; this one by Scott L.

Mingus, Sr. Lowell Hamilton is a long-time wargamer and gamemaster who is known for putting on his own excellent Civil War gaming layouts. There are literally hundreds of Johnny Reb scenarios that have been published over the past two decades including several dozen that I have written.

You will need a. Thanks Lowell! So, please contact scottmingus yahoo. Main menu Skip to content. Civil War miniature wargaming and dioramas. Posted on December 16, by Scott Mingus. Units labels for Battle of Bald Hill scenario from Charge! Download the printable Excel file by clicking the link below. Order my book from amazon. Search for:. Books The largest ACW diorama? Blog at WordPress. Add your thoughts here Email Name Website.

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Fire and Fury Wargame Rules

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Fire and Fury Games is a loose consortium of wargamers and designers who enjoy both playing and designing miniature wargames. When we feel that commercially available rules are not satisfactory, our immediate reaction is to develop our own! Our previous efforts were published and distributed by others, but in , we felt that the time was right to undertake these tasks on our own, both for the obvious financial reason and also because we felt that we can give better support to our products if we have more control over them. Sort by please select Manufacture Date added ascending Date added descending order Type ascending Type descending Scale Price ascending Price descending order. Number of items 20 50 All Items.

Fire and Fury Games

Fire Restnctions Fire Modifiers Enfilade Fire Brigade Effectiveness Low on Ammunition

The Rules Directory only works if you help. Write a review. Get the review template here. Player support can be obtained on the Fire and Fury home page. It includes two quick reference sheets.

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Simple Acw Wargame Rules. Changing the world one toy soldier at a time. I've wanted to do an American Civil war army for ages now and now is the. Troops must be in Road march column column not more than 2 figs wide to use a road. Generally less popular than wargames set on land, naval wargaming nevertheless enjoys a degree of support around the world.

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Simple Acw Wargame Rules

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