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The cultural rights movement has provoked attention to protect the rights of groups of people, or their culture , in similar fashion to the manner in which the human rights movement has brought attention to the needs of individuals throughout the world. Cultural Rights are rights related to art and culture, both understood in a large sense. The objective of these rights is to guarantee that people and communities have an access to culture and can participate in the culture of their selection. Cultural rights are human rights that aim at assuring the enjoyment of culture and its components in conditions of equality, human dignity and non-discrimination.

Cultural Human Rights

In speaking of a right in relation to identity formation, I have avoided many important questions, including questions about how properly to understand identity formation itself. Evoking such a right does draw from existing trends, but it remains speculative. Nonetheless, it captures one valuable insight in criticisms of human rights as a Western imposition, namely the insight that an important kind of oppression figures in the imposition of identities. By affirming a human right in relation to identity formation, we can not only confront this kind of oppression but see that it has specific weight in contemporary globalizing politics, economics, and culture. Moreover, we see that human rights can offer a critical relation to that kind of identity assertion and cultural imperialism that has itself employed the language of universal principles. One reason to emphasize this possibility of human rights discourse is to explore how this discourse offers more generally a significant normative perspective for challenging various kinds of oppression and domination today. Emphasizing such possibilities is a way of exploring the respects in which any viable notion of democracy must provide an important place for human rights.

The Western cultural construct of human rights provides inherent and inalienable rights to all, regardless of culture and tradition. These cultural traditions, such as Sharia law and female circumcision, challenge the cultural foundations of human rights by providing alternative means of understanding the individual and their role in the broader community. Thirdly, an examination of Sharia law and human rights will be undertaken, demonstrating how the Western construct of human rights clashes with the non-Western construct of Sharia limiting the application of human rights. Lastly, female circumcision will be used to demonstrate the complexities of individual rights, as established in human rights, and collective rights, as established in many traditional cultures. Human rights are a Western cultural construct. They provide all with inalienable and inherent rights, and cultures which dispute the validity of human rights are those which abuse the human rights of their members, and are those which should change their practices. There are a plethora of philosophies and theories pertaining to the rights of men, of women, of communities and of humans in the world.

Cultural Heritage and Human Rights

Economic, social, and cultural rights include the human right to work, the right to an adequate standard of living, including food, clothing, and housing, the right to physical and mental health, the right to social security, the right to a healthy environment, and the right to education. Economic, social and cultural rights are part of the body of human rights law that developed in the aftermath of World War II. Human rights law includes all economic and social rights, as well as civil and political rights like the right to free speech and the right to a fair trial. These rights are deeply intertwined: for example, the right to speak freely means little without a basic education, the right to vote means little if you are suffering from starvation. Similarly, the right to work means little if you are not allowed to meet and assemble in groups to discuss work conditions. Economic and social rights are also included in numerous other human rights legal instruments.

Human Rights

Human rights are rights inherent to all human beings, regardless of race, sex, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, or any other status. Human rights include the right to life and liberty, freedom from slavery and torture, freedom of opinion and expression, the right to work and education, and many more. Everyone is entitled to these rights, without discrimination. One of the great achievements of the United Nations is the creation of a comprehensive body of human rights law—a universal and internationally protected code to which all nations can subscribe and all people aspire.

Cultural Human Rights

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. Editors: Silverman , Helaine, Ruggles , D. Fairchild Eds. While the world becomes more hegemonized socially and culturally, local communities are fighting to preserve their way of life as part of their heritage.

On 10 December , the United Nations led worldwide celebrations to commemorate the sixtieth anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Six decades ago, the international community affirmed that the strength of shared ideas and a common vision of respectful and peaceful coexistence could prevail over brutality, hatred and destruction. Having risen from the sorrow and shame of atrocities perpetrated in the course of the Second World War, the Declaration represented, and continues to represent, one of humanity's most shining achievements. It enshrines the hope for a better world, where aspirations to freedom and well-being converge.

Culture is fundamental to human dignity and identity. Understanding the link between cultural rights and human rights is therefore essential to the safeguarding.

Western Human Rights in a Diverse World: Cultural Suppression or Relativism?

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