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change in supply and change in quantity supplied pdf

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The previous module explored how price affects the quantity demanded and the quantity supplied. The result was the demand curve and the supply curve. Price, however, is not the only thing that influences demand.

We learned in an earlier section that as the price of a product increases, the amount purchased by buyers decreases, and vice versa. This illustrates the law of demand. In a more recent section, we noticed that as demand increases, the price of a product increases. When you look at these two statements together, it may appear confusing and contradictory. However, the two statements are both valid.

Change In Supply

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The same information that is presented using words or a table can also be shown on a graph. In economics, we typically use a two-dimensional graph that has the price of the good or service on one axis and the quantity that people are willing and able to sell on the other axis. This way of presenting the information corresponds to the tables above. For example, the information presented in the first table can be shown on a graph as:. Each point on the graph represents a point on the table. Instead of just plotting points on a graph, we usually draw a line through these points to create a more general picture of the supply for the product.

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Section 11: Demand versus Quantity Demanded and Supply versus Quantity Supplied

HOARDING: The act of accumulating assets, especially goods or money, over and above that needed for immediate use based on the fear or expectation of future shortages and higher prices. For example, concerns about a worldwide shortage of sugar and chocolate might prompt a consumer to purchase several hundred boxes of candy, which are stored in a wine cellar. Alternatively, someone fearing a global collapse of the financial system might be inclined to pack pillow cases with bundles of cash or stockpile gold bullion in the closet. Such hoarding, if widely practiced, can actually contribute to the anticipated shortage and higher prices. The only factor that can cause a change in quantity supplied is price. A related, but distinct, concept is a change in supply. A change in quantity supplied is a change in the specific quantity of a good that sellers are willing and able to sell.

In this course, we've discussed fundamental concepts in economics - supply and demand. Hopefully the forces that cause changes in supply and demand aren't mysterious anymore. Let's recap. The law of demand describes the behavior of buyers. In general, people will demand - that is buy - more of a good or service at lower prices than at higher prices.

Change In Supply

A change in demand refers to a shift in the entire demand curve, which is caused by a variety of factors preferences, income, prices of substitutes and complements, expectations, population, etc. In this case, the entire demand curve moves left or right:. Figure 1.

In order to use scarce resources as efficiently as possible, an efficient information system is required - to bring together the values of the alternative uses of resources products with their production cost, and to co-ordinate the many decisions of consumers and producers. The price system, although imperfect see Chapter 4 , attempts this difficult task and plays a central role in economic analysis. It influences many health and health care programmes either directly or indirectly e.

Changes in Supply and Demand

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Change in supply versus change in quantity supplied


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