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Medical receptionist takes care of greeting and scheduling visitors, calling patients to remind them of their appointments, answering and routing phone calls, billing the customers, and keeping the reception organized and smooth. But what questions you may face in an interview for this job? What should you expect, and how to make the best possible impression on your interviewers?

The questions an employer will ask during an interview for the role of front desk professional will likely be specific to that role. Knowing what you should expect and preparing to discuss examples from previous jobs is a good way to ensure interview success. In this article, we have compiled some of the most popular front desk interview questions with sample answers.

Top 41 Front Desk Interview Questions and Answers

Similar job titles include Guest Relations Manager. Make sure that you are interviewing the best front desk representatives. Sign up for Workable's day free trial to hire better, faster. Although there are employers who prefer a relevant degree for senior positions e. While interviewing, you should adjust questions to the needs of the position. There are, however, core competencies you could look for at any case. Customer service and problem-solving are usually the most important complemented with a positive and professional attitude, critical thinking and multitasking skills.

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Jeff Gillis 0 Comments. Receptionists interact with employees , clients , agencies , vendors …basically anybody and everybody who has anything to do with the company. Hiring managers are looking for people who have serious talent when it comes to hard skill sets like clear communication , organization , word processing , schedule and time management , excellent phone skills and writing. An excellent receptionist has to be able to perform a multitude of jobs and wear a lot of hats but sorry, like we said…no capes. You may also be interested in two of other articles: administrative assistant interview questions and executive assistant interview questions. Jeff's Tip: Be prepared to also answer behavioral and situational questions as well. To help give you an idea of what questions you might be asked and to get you into the right mindset, here are some possible receptionist interview questions and answers for you to practice with.

Front Desk Representative interview questions

Front desk office job comes with a whole lot of responsibility, especially if you are working in a hotel. You have to welcome guests, help them check-in and check out, always be at their service, be friendly, responsive and professional as much as you can and show that you are able to multi-task very easily. You should also say that becoming a front desk manager or front desk person is about being hospitable, courteous and doing your job correctly. Front desk receptionists have to usually perform many different administrative tasks and make an effective impact on the customers regarding the company. Customer service is their prime role and responsibility. Communication and interpersonal skills are the top skills that help them do their job easily. The following mentioned are few top receptionist interview questions and answers and tips on how to be a good receptionist.

The types of questions covered are general, behavioral, situational and experience based. You can also find interesting examples and sample answers with each question. These interview questions on front desk management will be very useful for all the candidates preparing for the role of Hotel Receptionist, Front Desk Officer or Coordinator, Supervisor, Manager etc. Please tell us something about yourself. Answer: This is a very common question that you can expect at every interview.

3 This ebook includes two parts: Part I: Top 36 front desk interview questions with answers (pdf, free download) - Part II: Top 11 tips to prepare.

5 Common Front Desk Receptionist Interview Questions & Answers

The job search takes patience and tenacity. After putting together an eye-catching resume and a strong cover letter, you are faced with the initial interview. It is crucial that you stand out during the face-to-face and that the hiring manager sees you are not only serious about the job but are also a good fit for the company. Competition for a position can be fierce, and you need to make a good first impression.

So that you can find out the answer or can direct to the right person. I would feel uncomfortable, but without seeing as a personal affair, I would ask for clarification to a co-worker and own the problem. I would implement further actions to improve the situation. I would show a willingness to present alternatives or will call an experienced personel to handle him. As a receptionist, the most important skill is to be comfortable with meeting and interacting people from diverse backgrounds.

Front Desk Receptionist Interview Questions and Answers

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The receptionist interview questions you can expect are likely to be a challenging mix of behavioral-based interview questions, questions that explore your skills and experience and questions that evaluate your motivational fit with the company and co-workers.

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Common interview questions for a front desk position · How have you managed high-stress situations in previous jobs? · Can you talk about a time.

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5 Front Desk Receptionist Interview Questions & Answers · 1. Describe your previous duties as a receptionist? · 2. On average, how many people did you come in.

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Top 6 Receptionist Interview Questions You Could Be Asked. You're more than likely going to have to face your fair share of traditional questions that address.

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