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Failures of Current Treatment. We would suggest that adherence to. Emotion-focused therapy EFT has increasingly made use of case conceptualization. The ERM is a guided process in which staff and patients develop a shared understanding of early signs of aggression and implement plans to reduce violence.


Some clients present with clearly identifiable symptoms of a specific disorder, in which case it is often appropriate to use evidence-based manualized treatments. However, many clients present with comorbid difficulties, or problems where no clear evidence-based treatment exists. In these circumstances it is essential that clinicians be able to formulate client difficulties using a theory-driven approach. These mechanisms can be informed by multiple treatment approaches. This case formulation worksheet has sections to guide the therapist in developing an individualised case formulation.


Treatment , Planning , Case , Conceptualization , Case conceptualization and treatment , Case conceptualization and treatment planning. Link to this page:. Explore social, historical, and cultural context5. Assess client s strengths, coping skills6. Assess for risk; create problem list7. Apply theoretical orientation and hypothesize about the nature of the problem9.

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Clinical Case: Emotionally Focused Therapy Angela, a part-time teacher in her late 20s, requested an appointment for her and her husband, Dave, who was in his mid 30s. These case presentations at a Clinical Lunch are intended to provide students with increased exposure to clinical situations where some aspect of diversity was salient to the case conceptualization and to provoke discussion of clinical skills and considerations important in demonstrating multicultural competence in clinical work. Also, it explored the impact of developmental levels of school counselors on the outcomes of supervision. Interprets assessment results, following current research and professional standards and guidelines, to inform case conceptualization, classification, and recommendations, while guarding against decision-making biases, distinguishing the aspects of assessment that are subjective from those that are objective. In this chapter the authors discuss case conceptualization and the critical role it serves in clinical psychology.

Case Conceptualization and Treatment Planning: Integrating Theory with Clinical Practice

Descriptions description of problem from referring party, teachers, relatives, legal system, etc.

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Janet E. Falvey, Timothy E. Bray, David J. Journal of Mental Health Counseling 1 October ; 27 4 : — This investigation examined the cognitive factors that influence case conceptualization CC and treatment planning TP tasks among experienced mental health professionals. A thinking aloud process-tracing strategy was used to identify problem-solving styles and clinical judgment strategies used by 25 licensed psychologists, clinical mental health counselors, and clinical social workers while responding to a standardized case conceptualization and treatment planning task.

Process Focused Case Formulation

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Treatment Plans and Interventions for Insomnia

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