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Mounting evidence shows that advancements in gender equality could have a profoundly positive impact on social and environmental well-being. But if not managed properly, environment projects can actually spur gender inequality.

Gender-based violence and environment linkages

Contrary to expectations from scientific literacy research, women convey greater assessed scientific knowledge of climate change than do men. Consistent with much existing sociology of science research, women underestimate their climate change knowledge more than do men. Also, women express slightly greater concern about climate change than do men, and this gender divide is not accounted for by differences in key values and beliefs or in the social roles that men and women differentially perform in society. Modest yet enduring gender differences on climate change knowledge and concern within the US general public suggest several avenues for future research, which are explored in the conclusion. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution. Rent this article via DeepDyve.

Advances in International Environmental Politics pp Cite as. Environmental issues are regarded by many as urgent, complex, and transboundary, but are they gendered? Environmental scholars, institutions, and policymakers are increasingly recognizing that they are. There are a variety of important connections between gender and international environmental politics IEP. For example, people often experience environmental problems differently because of socially constructed ideas about the appropriate roles and responsibilities of men and women.

Gender continues to be a relatively marginal issue in environmental justice debates and yet it remains an important aspect of injustice. The analysis confirms that women tend to experience inequitable environmental burdens distributional injustice ; and are less likely than men to have control over environmental decisions procedural injustice , both of which impact on their health substantive injustice. It is argued that these injustices occur because women generally have lower incomes than men and are perceived as having less social status than their male counterparts as a result of entwined and entrenched capitalist and patriarchal processes. In the light of this analysis, it is proposed that environmental justice research, teaching, policy and practice should be made more gender aware and feminist orientated. This could support cross-cutting debates and activities in support of the radical social change necessary to bring about greater social and environmental justice more generally. Of these various aspects, the majority of the environmental justice literature focuses on distributional justice, that is, distributional patterns among social categories [ 2 ]. This includes the distribution of environmental goods e.

Bread and Roses: A Gender Perspective on Environmental Justice and Public Health

Around the world, it is estimated that one in three women and girls will experience gender-based violence GBV during their lifetime World Bank, Rooted in discriminatory gender norms and laws and shrouded in impunity, GBV occurs in all societies as a means of control, subjugation and exploitation that further reinforces gender inequality. This publication, Gender-based violence and environment linkages: The violence of inequality , establishes that these patterns of gender-based abuse are observed across environmental contexts, affecting the security and well-being of nations, communities and individuals, and jeopardising meeting sustainable development goals SDGs. While linkages. Research findings demonstrate that ending GBV, promoting gender equality and protecting the environment can be positively linked in ways that contribute to securing a safe, sustainable and equitable future. Gender-based violence and environment linkages: The violence of inequality establishes a knowledge base for understanding and accelerating action to address GBV and environmental linkages. Developed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature IUCN , in collaboration with the United States Agency for International Development USAID as part of the Advancing Gender in the Environment AGENT partnership, this publication aims to raise awareness and engage actors working in environmental and sustainable development, gender equality, and GBV policymaking and programming spheres to inform rights-based, gender-responsive approaches to environmental policy, programmes and projects.

Evidence shows that there are direct links between environmental pressures and gender-based violence , and that the degradation of nature, competition over increasingly scarce resources and environmental crime can all exacerbate violence. Occurring in all societies, gender-based violence is used to keep gender inequalities intact, to the detriment of livelihoods, human rights, conservation and sustainable development. Expressions of gender-based violence affect an estimated one in three women and girls, but are also experienced by people of all sex and gender identities. They can include sexual assault, domestic violence, verbal abuse, harassment, stalking, child marriage, economic deprivation, survival sex exploitation in exchange for access to subsistence resources and forced prostitution. Photo: IUCN.

The effects of gender on climate change knowledge and concern in the American public

The purpose of holding the workshop is to create an opportunity for these local and global feminist activists to have an intensive and sustained conversation on the important issues confronting feminists working on the environment today. The agenda has been organized around key questions and participants have been invited to share their own expectations and wishes for the meeting. How do we bring feminist expertise and knowledge into contemporary environmental activism? How do we educate donors about what this would mean? What research agenda could academics pursue that would support this work?

Environmental historians following in her footsteps have examined how gendered thinking has influenced the perceptions of nature, the contrasting ways in which men and women have advocated for environmental protection, the way that the burden of environmental degradation has been borne unequally by men and women, and how traditionally approved uses of nature have served to reinforce gender roles. In these seven essays, published in Environmental History over the past twenty years, gender acts a crucial category when analyzing the relationship of humans and the non-human world. Man vs. More recent works demonstrate how environmental historians have used stories about the past to reshape what we think we know about gendered behavior in different historical eras.

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