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Boosting employee engagement is often at the forefront of HR and management initiatives, which often leads to countless surveys, meetings, reward schemes and other new programs. But the simplest way to increase engagement is sometimes overlooked — it starts with the day-to-day communication.

Strategic Employee Communication

In public relations, engagement is studied in various contexts. It is defined in multiple terms and has different operationalizations. It is used as the umbrella term that includes a wide array of organizational attempts to involve stakeholders in its activities and decisions. In spite of certain confusions of definitions, there are numerous studies that report a strong connection between engagement, employee performance and business outcomes. However, in spite of the importance of this relationship between internal communication and employee engagement, the association has not been widely empirically tested. Also, although scholars emphasize the importance of the relationship between internal communication and employee engagement, there is limited empirical research on their association. Research in the area tends to treat both concepts as uni-dimensional e.

How Internal Communications Methods Are Used To Enhance Employee Engagement

Public Relations Review , 41 1 , pp. View at publisher. Internal communication is an important concept and integral to internal public relations with links to positive organizational and employee outcomes such as employee engagement. While scholars emphasize the importance of the relationship between internal communication and employee engagement, the association has not been empirically tested. Using surveys and regression analysis this study confirms that internal organizational communication and internal supervisor communication support workplace relationships based on meaning and worth, and have a significant part to play in developing and maintaining optimal employee engagement.

Employee engagement or a lack thereof can often be linked to poor communication and a detachment from company goals. Companies of all sizes are looking for ways to boost communication, recognizing its impact on key business outcomes, such as productivity and profitability. It highlights the importance of simple, jargon-free communication that focuses on dialogue and content. High-performing organizations are more likely to think about communication from the audience perspective, rather than purely from the management perspective. The case studies offer readers a firm understanding of ways to implement and measure communication in daily practice. Effective communication requires planning and this book, with its focus on the US, Latin America, and emerging markets, will guide readers in using communication in the alignment of corporate and employee needs.

You have changed one of your important company processes and your Internal Communication Specialist or you have sent an email explaining the procedure to your employees. A week later, at the meeting you realize that very few people actually read your email and know about this change in detail. What went wrong? Are your employees not engaged enough to read your company emails or are you just using the wrong method to communicate with them? According to Gallup, engaged employees are those who are involved in and enthusiastic about their work and workplace.

Impact of Internal Communication on Employee Engagement - A Study at Delhi International Airport

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Communication is a powerful tool that can have an enormous impact on the success of any organization. Effective communication can increase employee engagement, boost workplace productivity, and drive business growth. Communication is the cornerstone of an engaged workforce. Engaged employees are far more likely to demonstrate the dedication and commitment that are essential to the long-term growth of any company, large or small.

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Strategic Employee Communication

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Article: Role of communication in employee engagement

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