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lymphatic drainage of head and neck pdf

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Lymphatic Drainage of the Head and Neck

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Citation Type. Has PDF. Publication Type. More Filters. View 1 excerpt, cites background. Research Feed. Characterisation of ovine lymphatic vessels in fresh specimens. Lymphatic cannulation models in sheep: Recent advances for immunological and biomedical research.

Essentials of Bovine Anatomy. Highly Influential. View 5 excerpts, references background and methods. Lehrbuch der Veterinar-Anatomie. A Guide to Comparative Veterinary Anatomy. View 5 excerpts, references background. Blood supply to the genitalia and accesory genital organs of the goat. View 4 excerpts, references background.

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A Pre-clinical Animal Model of Secondary Head and Neck Lymphedema

Lingual lymph nodes are an inconstant group of in-transit nodes, which are located on the route of lymph drainage from the tongue mucosa to the regional nodes in neck levels I and II. There is growing academic data on the metastatic spread of oral cancer, particularly regarding the spreading of oral tongue squamous cell carcinoma to lingual nodes. These nodes are not currently included in diagnostic and treatment protocols for oral tongue cancer. Combined information on surgical anatomy, clinical observations, means of detection, and prognostic value is presented. Anatomically obtained incidence of lingual nodes ranges from 8. Incidence of lingual lymph node metastasis ranges from 1. It is clear that lymph nodes that bear intervening tissues from the floor of the mouth should be removed to improve loco-regional control.

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Cervical lymph nodes are lymph nodes found in the neck. Of the lymph nodes in the human body, are in the neck. There are approximately lymph nodes in the neck, and they can be classified in a number of different ways.

Focus Issue: Neck Dissection for Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma

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Lymph Nodes

The lymphatic system functions to drain tissue fluid, plasma proteins and other cellular debris back into the blood stream, and is also involved in immune defence. Once this collection of substances enters the lymphatic vessels, it is known as lymph. Lymph is subsequently filtered by lymph nodes and directed into the venous system. This article will explore the anatomy of lymphatic drainage throughout the head and neck, and how this is relevant clinically. The lymphatic vessels of the head and neck can be divided into two major groups; superficial vessels and deep vessels. The superficial vessels drain lymph from the scalp, face and neck into the superficial ring of lymph nodes at the junction of the neck and head. The deep lymphatic vessels of the head and neck arise from the deep cervical lymph nodes.

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The lymphatic system is a crucial part of your immune system. Through a network of hundreds of lymph nodes, it drains fluid called lymph to be transported back into your bloodstream. It also removes bodily waste and carries white blood cells that help prevent infection. But in recent years, some have started incorporating facial lymphatic drainage into their beauty regimen as a weapon against puffy, dull complexion and skin irritation. Some have gone so far as to call it a nonsurgical facelift.

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Cervical lymph nodes


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