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ethics multiple choice questions and answers pdf

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Multiple Choice Quiz

Get Free eMail Updates! By Submitting your email address:. Answer: c Attitude. It is important to be at work………………………………. Answer: b Attendance. Strong ……………………………………..

Answer: d Character. Answer: b Cooperation. Answer: a Communication. You are a person with a high level of………………………………….. Answer: d Integrity. Answer: c Honesty. If you can keep things at work in order and have a neat workplace, then you have great………………………………………. Answer: b Organizational Skills. It is always important to……………………. Answer: d Respect.

If you have ……………………………. Answer: a Loyalty. Answer: c Productivity. Some jobs cannot be done alone and some can be done much better and faster if you possess the quality of ………………………………………… Answer: c Teamwork. Having ……………………………….. Answer: a Responsibility.

It is important to dress appropriately for work and have good personal hygiene including brushing teeth, wearing deodorant but not strong perfume or cologne and having neat hair. Answer: a Appearance. What is business ethics? Answer: a The study of business situations, activities, and decisions where issues of right and wrong are addressed.

Answer: d Grey area. Teaching Ethics in Business schools will a Increase awareness about ethics b Make managers sensitive to ethical issues c Make future manager aware of implications of unethical practices d Guide managers when they face ethical dilemmas e All of the Above. Answer: e All of the Above.

A written statement of policies and principles that guides the behaviour of all employees is called. Answer: a code of ethics. What is the classical view of management's social responsibility?

Answer: b To maximise profits. Which of these is a purpose of shared organisational values? Answer: d All of the above. Which of these is a factor that affects ethical and unethical behaviour? Answer: a Ethical dilemma. The term ……………………… refers to principles, values and beliefs that define right and wrong behaviour. Answer: d. Which of this is a second stage of moral development?

Answer: b Conventional. Answer: c Ego Strength. Answer: a Locus of control. The three major types of ethical issues include except? Answer: a Communication issues. Ethics are moral principles and values which…………………………….. Answer: b Govern the actions of an individual.

Truthfulness in marketing communications is an example of:. Answer: c Marketing ethics. Answer: a ethics code. Fairness of process is classified as. Answer: b procedural justice. Justice and fairness of a result of a decision is often classified as.

Answer: c distributive justice. Standards that decided, what kind of conduct employees of organization should possess. Answer: d ethics. Answer: a Ethos. A……………………………is a set of principles that people hold themselves to or that are held by organizations or groups. Answer: a Dedication. There are two abilities that you must have to properly understand ethics. The first is the …………………….

Answer: c ability to distinguish; dedication. Answer: b code of ethics. Answer: d Values. According to the text, what undermines persuasion and communication? Answer: b Lying. Like reputation, it can take a lifetime to build and only seconds to destroy. Answer: c Reliability. Answer: a Motives. What does philosopher Carl Wellman assert about the use of an ethical system?

According to the text, what is the ethical responsibility of someone who receives a message? Answer: c to check the credibility of the sender and, if the sender is being unethical, take appropriate action.

Why is it nearly impossible to monitor ethics in a political campaign? Answer: d because campaigns use so many types of communication and so many different communicators. What is the difference between a monologue and a dialogue? Answer: d A monologue is the performance or speech of one person, whereas a dialogue is a conversation that occurs between two people.

Right and wrong are objective qualities. Answer: d Claims there are eternal, universally applicable moral principles. Ethical behaviour is a matter of. Answer: c Acting on a considered judgment. Answer: b False. All unethical practices are illegal. Incorrect - Not all unethical practices are illegal.

For example it is not illegal to include genetically modified ingredients in products sold in supermarkets. Morals is the study of what is thought to be right in a society. Answer: a True. Normative ethics and morals are the same discipline. Ethics is always Absolute. Answer: True. Ethics is populism. Answer: False. Because ethics is never majority opinion.

Our understanding of right and wrong is shaped by our culture hence ethics of persons from different culture may be in conflict. Thank to Mr. Share this article :. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Post a Comment. Very sad and shocking News.

Medical Ethics Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

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Different The test presents multiple-choice questions that ethics, film, language, literary criticism, music, philosophy, radio. Multiple choice questions and answers. British Journal of. AP Statistics Final Examination. Multiple-Choice Answers in Bold. Answer Sheet: Multiple-Choice.

1) Ethical dilemmas arise when it is thought that serious good and bad are bound together 3) Issue public statements only in an objective and truthful manner.

Chapter 02 Business Ethics MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS

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Quiz: Ethics Of Business

Get Free eMail Updates! By Submitting your email address:. Answer: c Attitude.

Multiple-Choice Questions

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Professional Ethics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers PdfQuestion: 1 Computer ethics has its roots in the work of ___ during World War II. Norbert Wiener.


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diversity, ethics and legal issues. Ethics, social responsibility, and diversity were also to be Review of ACG AOL Multiple Choice Questions “​reported net income;” the same change would be made in Answer “D” to Question #3.

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