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arithmetic and geometric progression question and answers pdf

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Since SSC exams are very competitive and challenging, you all need to practice a lot. Our specially designed Free Pdfs and free mocks tests will be very helpful in your preparation. Familiarity and comfort with the exam pattern should be of supreme importance. We wish you all the best for your exams. Thanks for downloading the guide.

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T he sequences and series topics includes arithmetic progression AP , and geometric progression GP. In addition, you may also find questions on series and sequences that are not part of either of these 3 progressions - likely to find such questions in CAT and GMAT. These aptitude practice questions given below have detailed explanations, and in some cases video explanations. The quantitative reasoning questions have classified on the basis of the concept tested in the question. The level of difficulty of the question is also marked to help you gauge the question. What is the sum of all positive integers up to , which are divisible by 5 and are not divisible by 2?

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Top 30 Questions on Arithmetic And Geometric Progression For SSC CGL TIER 2 : Free PDFs (SOLUTIONS)

The Arithmetic Reasoning subtest falls into the math domain. Once an individual has expressed interest in the military in some fashion and met with a recruiter, the application process is started. So aspirants must have to prepare and practice arithmetic topics. Answer the 30 questions below and then click the button at the bottom of the page to immediately check your answers. Worksheet Arithmetic and Geometric Progressions Section 1 Arithmetic Progression An arithmetic progression is a list of numbers where the di erence between successive numbers is constant. Founded in , the College Board was created to expand access to higher education. To answer the arithmetic questions accurately within less timing, arithmetic practice questions PDF will helpful for the candidates.

If an arithmetic progression has first term a and common differenced, then the nth term is: (1) n u Solution. The first term is 3 and the common difference is 2. The tenth term is 3 (10 1)2 + Find the sum of the fist 12 terms for the sequences in Question 1. 3. geometric progression (GP) The ratio is the common ratio.

Arithmetic and Geometric Progression Problems

A geometric sequence is a sequence such that any element after the first is obtained by multiplying the preceding element by a constant called the common ratio which is denoted by r. The common ratio r is obtained by dividing any term by the preceding term, i. The geometric sequence is sometimes called the geometric progression or GP , for short.

Click Here. About "Arithmetic and Geometric Progression Question and Answers" Arithmetic and Geometric Progression Question and Answers : Here we are going to see some practice questions on arithmetic and geometric progression question and answers. Thank you for watching my blog friend, Geometric Sequences Practice Problems Geometric Progression Tutorial, so remaining areas of squares are , 64, 32, 16 and 8 cm, In the same way remaining areas of squares are cm. You will get to learn about the arithmetic progression formula, geometric progression formula, sum of arithmetic progression, geometric progression sum, and other interesting facts around the topic. In order to prove the above relationship, A geometric series has common ratio r, and an arithmetic series has first term a and common difference d, where a and d are non-zero.

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arithmetic and geometric sequences task cards

These questions are based on previous CAT question papers. It is given that the common difference of the GP is positive. What is the ratio of cos of the acute angles of the triangle? What is the ratio of any term and the sum of all the terms that follow it?

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Geometric Progression, Series & Sums

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find the n-th term of a geometric progression;. • find the Solution. This is an arithmetic series, because the difference between the terms is a constant value, 2​·5.

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Find the total distance the bob travels before coming to rest. 8. Page 9. Answers 1. (a) Arithmetic (b).

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is called a geometric sequence, or geometric progression, if there exists a nonzero constant r, To answer this question, we first write the sum formula in the.

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