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flowchart and algorithm examples pdf

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A flowchart is simply a graphical representation of steps.

In case you want to be notified about school in your locality then please register here. Computer programming is also known as programming. It is a process that actually leads from an original formulation of a computer problem to executable computer programs. Most important to know, a computer program is usually written by a computer programmer in a programming language itself.

Unit-2:Algorithm and Flowchart

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Its purpose is to break a larger task down so that each step can be carried out without creativity. An algorithm is a well ordered collection of unambiguous and effectively computable operations that produces a result. An algorithm is a precisely defined and ordered sequence of instructions that is guaranteed to solve a specific problem. There are 5 important characteristics or properties for a well defined algorithm. These are

What is a Flowchart? Flowchart is a graphical representation of an algorithm. Programmers often use it as a program-planning tool to solve a problem. It makes use of symbols which are connected among them to indicate the flow of information and processing. Example : Draw a flowchart to input two numbers from user and display the largest of two numbers.

Algorithm flowchart example

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In programming, algorithm is a set of well defined instructions in sequence to solve the problem. Write an algorithm to add two numbers entered by user. Step 1 : Start Step 2 : Declare variables num1, num2 and sum. Step 3 : Read values num1 and num2. Step 4 : Add num1 and num2 and assign the result to sum. Write an algorithm to find the largest among three different numbers entered by user. Step 1 : Start Step 2 : Declare variables a,b and c.

incorrect if performed by a different person. Examples of Algorithms and Flowcharts. Example 1. Design an algorithm and the corresponding flowchart for adding.

Algorithm And Flowchart Examples Ppt

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A flowchart is a diagrammatic representation of an algorithm.

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ALGORITHM AND FLOW CHART | Lecture 1 Some Flowchart Examples Webopedia defines an algorithm as: “A formula or set of steps for solving a.

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