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Dynamic Capabilities

The purpose of this paper is to offer an operationalization of an aggregate construct and a decisive contribution to building a dynamic capabilities theory with marketing implications. The authors investigate the influence of dynamic capabilities, specifically routine creation through embedding learning and knowledge, on marketing capabilities and performance in Portugal. The authors examine the direct relationship between dynamic capabilities and marketing capabilities, which is indirectly linked to performance depending on the effectiveness of the resulting new resource configuration. The authors used four construct dimensions: knowledge creation routines, knowledge transfer processes, marketing capabilities, and firm performance. The study was based on an inter-industry random sample of firms selected from a commercial list. During a nine-month period the authors gathered data from a questionnaire delivered in hand to participating firms and collected through in-depth personal interviews.

Dynamic capabilities are an essential theoretical construct that is useful for understanding the phenomenon of competition. Still, in spite of the apparent popularity of this subject, the existing management literature could do with more studies into processes that shape dynamic capabilities. The purpose of this article is to systematise different approaches to the dynamic capabilities concept as they are found in the existing literature, with a particular focus on its relevance to modern-day organisations as a tool to increase their competitiveness. The other goal is to discuss two issues that are critical to the dynamic capabilities concept. Firstly, what are the conditions for the predominant role of dynamic capabilities in the area of strategic management? Secondly, can the dynamic capabilities concept be treated as an underlying theoretical and methodological framework for strategic choices in modern-day organisations?

Dynamic capabilities currently emerge as a vibrant field of study within the theoretical framework based on resource and strategic management. To this end, and as a complex field of study, we set out to conceptually map this approach. Hence, we carried out a bibliometric study with recourse to co-citations. For the multivariate analysis, we applied cluster analysis and factor analysis. Through the former, we conclude that dynamic capacities concentrate on five approaches: Digital Capabilities, Knowledge Capabilities, Absorptive Capabilities, Strategic Capabilities and Resources. As regards factor analysis, this returns five factors with two of them concentrated into the same approach: Resources and Capabilities. We would also state that the Strategic Capabilities approach spans across the remaining three factors and does not constitute a single factor.

Dynamic capabilities and marketing capabilities in Portugal

Relationships among dynamic capabilities dimensions in building competitive advantage: a conceptual model. E-mail: julianam. In extremely dynamic sectors, whose structure is not so evident, both the approach based on the Structure-Conduct-Performance paradigm and the approach based on firm resources are limited to explain the sources of competitive advantages and the performance achieved by firms from their strategic choices. The article consists of a theoretical essay that analyzes the concept of dynamic capabilities from the main definitions collected in the literature, by carrying out a conclusive synthesis and arguing about consulted theoretical contributions. The exponential speed of the social, political, technological and economic changes that have taken place since the second half of the 20th century and, vertiginously, from the years to , and still in progress, has become almost a common justification for practically any study of organizational phenomena. In the fields of marketing and strategy, the use of this argument is even more present, gaining status as a premise, that assumes that the firm needs to be attentive to events that occur beyond its boundaries and that, based on its interpretations of those events, it coordinates its resources, processes and decisions, in order to adapt to the consequences of those external events, thus reaching and sustaining competitive advantage.

The dynamic capabilities perspective has become one of the most vibrant approaches to strategic management. Despite its growing popularity, it has faced​.

Dynamic capabilities and strategic management: organizing for innovation and growth

Teece , Gary Pisano, and Amy Shuen. Dynamic capabilities can be distinguished from operational capabilities, which pertain to the current operations of an organization. The basic assumption of the dynamic capabilities framework is that core competencies should be used to modify short-term competitive positions that can be used to build longer-term competitive advantage. Watch Dr.

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Dynamic capabilities

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Dynamic Capabilities and Strategic Management. David J. Teece; Gary Pisano; Amy Shuen. Strategic Management Journal, Vol. 18, No. 7.

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Abstract The dynamic capabilities framework analyzes the sources and methods of wealth creation and capture by private enterprise firms operating in.

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In organizational theory , dynamic capability is the capability of an organization to purposefully adapt an organization's resource base.

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