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An antenna system including antenna elements and a tracking method is considered a key technology in mobile communication systems. A phased array antenna has been considered the most favorite candidate because of many attractive characteristics such as a low and compact profile, high-speed tracking and potentially low cost performance for vehicle antennas in mobile communications. On the other hand, it has several such disadvantages as beam steering error, loss in feed lines and an increase of noise level in a receiving frequency band.

Array and Phased Array Antenna Basics (eBook, PDF)

Figure 1: left two antenna elements fed in phase, right two antenna elements fed out of phase the enlargement link leads to an interactive graphic. A phased array antenna is an array antenna whose single radiators can be fed with different phase shifts. As a result, the common antenna pattern can be steered electronically. The electronic steering is much more flexible and requires less maintenance than the mechanical steering of the antenna. The principle of this antenna is based on the effect of interference , i. So if two radiators emit a signal in the same phase shift, a superposition is achieved - the signal is amplified in the main direction and attenuated in the secondary directions.

A single Antenna can radiate certain amount of power in a particular direction. Obviously, the amount of radiation power will be increased when we use group of Antennas together. The group of Antennas is called Antenna array. An Antenna array is a radiating system comprising radiators and elements. Each of this radiator has its own induction field.

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Array and Phased Array Antenna Basics

In antenna theory, a phased array usually means an electronically scanned array , a computer-controlled array of antennas which creates a beam of radio waves that can be electronically steered to point in different directions without moving the antennas. In a simple array antenna , the radio frequency current from the transmitter is fed to the individual antennas with the correct phase relationship so that the radio waves from the separate antennas add together to increase the radiation in a desired direction and cancel to suppress radiation in undesired directions. In a phased array, the power from the transmitter is fed to the antennas through devices called phase shifters , controlled by a computer system, which can alter the phase electronically, thus steering the beam of radio waves to a different direction. Since the array must consist of many small antennas sometimes thousands to achieve high gain, phased arrays are mainly practical at the high frequency end of the radio spectrum, in the UHF and microwave bands, in which the antenna elements are conveniently small. Phased arrays were invented for use in military radar systems, to steer a beam of radio waves quickly across the sky to detect planes and missiles. These systems are now widely used and have spread to civilian applications. The phased array principle is also used in acoustics , and phased arrays of acoustic transducers are used in medical ultrasound imaging scanners phased array ultrasonics , oil and gas prospecting reflection seismology , and military sonar systems.

The equation number 3) ensures that these near fields are gone, and we are left with the radiating fields, which fall-off with distance as 1/R. - In arrays, the far-field​.

Array and Phased Array Antenna Basics by Hubregt J. Visser

An antenna, when individually can radiate an amount of energy, in a particular direction, resulting in better transmission, how it would be if few more elements are added it, to produce more efficient output. It is exactly this idea, which led to the invention of Antenna arrays. An antenna array can be better understood by observing the following images. Observe how the antenna arrays are connected.

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array and phased array antenna basics

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Introduction. Phase Differences. Hansen-Woodyard Endfire Array Antenna. Mutual Coupling. Yagi-Uda Array Antenna. 7 The Linear Phased.

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With the proliferation of digital phased arrays in commercial and aerospace and defense applications, there are many engineers working on various aspects of the design who have limited phased array antenna familiarity.

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