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tcs c mcq questions and answers pdf

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By Practicing these interview questions, you can easily crack any Bank Exams interview. Fully solved examples with detailed answer description. Comment on the output of this C code?

Edit Reply. It is easy to answer these questions if you are conceptually strong in C programming. Also practice other sections in TCS Ninja test pattern.

Placement Papers - TCS

This is a TCS model placement paper for aptitude preparation. This placement paper will cover aptitude questions that are asked in TCS recruitment drives and also strictly follows the pattern of questions asked in TCS interviews. It is recommended to solve each one of the following questions to increase your chances of clearing TCS interview. The divisibility rule for 3 is that the sum of all digits of a number should be divisible by 3. There are 23 prime numbers between 3 and excluding the values of which all are odd. For 5y — 1 to be odd, 5y must be even For 5y to be even y should be even.

Ravi and Rupali are asked to write a program to sum the rows of 2X2 matrices stored in the array A. Ravi writes the following code Code A :. Function is the named code unlike method which is part of an object B. Function contained in an object is called a method C. Function cannot change variables outside its scope unlike method D. There is no difference between the two.

Home Events Register Now About. Download PDF. I Have done Journalism in Print Media. Choose your answers to the questions and click 'Next' to see the next set of questions. Questions that are covered: 1.

TCS Programming Questions | TCS Programming MCQs

We hope that these coding programming questions will be useful for the contenders to crack the test. Moreover, this article helps you to create some awareness about the TCS programming test. Furthermore, we provide you the additional test pattern and placement papers to practice. Applying for an MNC job is not only the solution to success but also you have to practice in order to get placed in the TCS. Moreover, getting a job in a TCS is not an easy task. Every individual has to work hard to get a job in such reputed company.

TCS Ninja programming MCQ's with answers for TCS NQT

None of the above. Hurry Up! You have entered an incorrect email address! Although C was designed for implementing system software,it is also widely used for developing portable application software.

Edit Reply. So practicing these can help you answer a lot of questions in the TCS drive. Checkout latest TCS off campus drive details here.

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TCS Coding Programming Questions with Answers PDF Download

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Find the Questions asked in TCS C MCQ Sections complete set of Questions and Answers for the TCS Test. Study from MyGeekMonkey and Clear the test with.

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