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By Erin Pavlina. Would you like to walk through walls, fly around the world, reconnect with deceased loved ones, and explore time and space? Have you had a terrifying out of body encounter that left you fearful of ever exploring astral projection?

Dreams and Astral Travel

Every time that we go to sleep this takes place unconsciously, but there are techniques to go there consciously and on this course I will explain some that I have seen to be most effective. Sleep is required to project, because it is with sleep that the Astral body separates from the physical one. The two bodies are attached by a silver cord which stretches infinitely, it sends messages between one body and the other and which enables the person in the Astral body to go back to the physical body as soon as they wake up from sleep.

When you carry out the Astral projection technique it causes you to go through the process of sleep consciously, you are then aware of all the processes sometimes just some of them that take place within the transition period between wakefulness and sleep, until the two bodies separate.

In this topic will look at techniques to prepare for the Astral and one very effective technique of Astral projection. Establishing the Foundation for Astral Travel 1.

If you don t do this, the techniques given to project are less likely to work. To successfully project you need to concentrate on the exercise you are doing, without being distracted by other thoughts or by anything else. To be able to do this there are two basic exercises that help to prepare for it: 1. To be aware of whatever activity you are doing in a given moment in daily life.

When you are aware of whatever activity you are doing in a given moment in daily life you train the mind to be focused upon one thing and cut down the chatter so that when you do your exercise of projection you are more able to concentrate upon the exercise. You also prepare for the technique of Astral projection by learning to visualise, because many of the techniques use visualisation.

To develop the ability to do this you carry out exercises of visualisation, these train you to visualise and train the mind to concentrate on one thing intensively. When you go to project then the mind is already trained to concentrate and visualise and the projection is more likely to succeed.

Both in trying to Astral project and in trying to be aware of what you are doing in daily life; the main obstacle is the continuously chattering, daydreaming mind.

The Problem of the Chattering mind Much of the failure in Astral projection comes because the mind is not trained to be on one thing, it is used to chattering away all day, then when you try to do an exercise to project, the mind carries on chattering, the thoughts that were so active during the day continue to be active and they interrupt the technique that you are doing and therefore Astral projection fails, so we are going to look into training it, thereby increasing the ability to focus it on what we need to.

It should be a tool that is used, indeed it becomes one if we progress enough on the esoteric path, but in any 2. If you are not concentrated when trying to project then you will either get taken into sleep by a thought, or will become restless and unable to sleep, either way being able to concentrate fixes the problem.

By having the mind chattering all day it causes one to live in a state of daydreaming during daily life rather than being aware of each moment. This daydreaming continues at night except that it becomes real in the Astral plane and produces the dreams, by learning to be on what you are doing during the day, by being aware of what your doing at any given moment, you are learning to act with consciousness, rather than simply thinking all the time.

If you do this throughout the day, the mind will be less active at night when you want to project and you will have greater awareness in your dreams. Ultimately, if you can learn to be in consciousness and to use the mind as a tool, it is possible to direct the mind at will to any task such as projection and to be successful in it.

The ability to have control over the mind and to use it effectively as a tool is ultimately part of a much deeper esoteric work, because the different elements that make up the mind and emotions which we call egos have to be observed and eliminated. A new kind of astral and mental body needs to be built and the consciousness radically transformed. These are beyond the scope of this astral course and will be explained about in the esoteric course.

But for now we will look into two very simple but very effective ways to prepare for the Astral, to be aware of what you re doing in daily life and to train the mind to concentrate and visualise: Exercise 1 Being Aware of what you are doing during the Day If you can get used to being upon what you are doing then, when you go to Astral project, you re used to being on one thing and the mind has much less activity, because when we are on one thing, the mind gets quietened.

This also has an effect upon the quality and type of dreams at night. At night, all kinds of dreams take place; many of these although not all are projections from the subconscious.

What happens during the day in the psyche continues at night in dreams, it s just that there is no physical body to bring you back to the world when dreaming, therefore the various images of the mind are projected onto the Astral plane and those things become real in the dreams. By waking up and being more aware, more conscious of what you are doing during the day, at night the same thing happens and you are more 3.

In another topic I will give the technique whereby you can realise that you are in a dream and to explore the astral in that way. The important thing is to concentrate upon whatever activity you are doing at the time and to do only one activity at a time.

Even if you have a lot of tasks to do and are under pressure, deal with the most important one, giving it your full attention, even if it is just for a few moments before you have to do another task, give whatever you are doing at that moment your full attention. You need to be aware of whatever you are doing throughout the day, this can be difficult to do, but to help to get to that, concentrate upon three activities that you do each day, making the effort to use them to practice being aware of what you're doing.

Any activity can be used, but try these three, however well or difficult other things are going during the day, use these three activities to anchor yourself in awareness: 1. Washing yourself. Putting your shoes on and taking them off. Concentrate upon each of these activities, not allowing the mind to interfere, if you have thoughts go straight back to the activity you are doing, investigate how concentration works, then apply it throughout the day.

Take an object, it can be any object one popular object for this exercise is a lit candle , sit down and place it where you can see it clearly, then concentrate upon it in great detail, observing how it looks, textures, shapes, colours, the material it is made of, the way that light reflects on it, etc, discovering everything you can about it.

When you have clearly seen it, then close your eyes and recreate the object exactly as it is in your mind. If there are things that you cannot recreate because you didn't look at them properly, or if the image is fading away, open your eyes and look at it again, study it, then close your eyes and recreate the image again in your mind.

Keep doing this process so that you visualise it as clearly as you can. This type of exercise gently trains the mind in visualisation and concentration, which are vital for Astral Projection.

Try to do it regularly, at least once a day for ten minutes at a different time from your Astral projection exercise whenever is convenient for you. I will explain more about mantras in another topic and will give the different visualisation techniques as the course progresses. Sleep is needed to be able to project because it is with sleep that we detach from the physical body, so you need to be in a position in which you can sleep, lying down in bed for example.

The best position to lie down in is on your back, so I recommend that you do that. Then you need to be able to relax the body as explained in last week s topic because tension holds us into it.

Without moving go straight from the relaxation to practising Astral projection. I have found this to be a very good technique to use. It is one of the main techniques for astral projection. The heart is not only a vital organ of the physical body, but in esotericism it also has a spiritual aspect. There are different ways of concentrating on the heart but begin with this one and if you wish, experiment with the other ways over the next two weeks.

I will mention the other ways after explaining the first exercise to begin with: The Exercise After lying down on your back and relaxing; concentrate on the heart. Try to be aware of the heart beating, feel each beat and concentrate upon each one of them. If you can t feel it you can imagine it beating.

But the more you learn the exercise the easier it is to feel the heart beating without any aid. If you really focus your mind on it you can begin to project. There are a number of different things, sensations etc, which happen as we leave the body, you may feel all of them, some of them, or none of them, in which case you may just find yourself there in the Astral without being aware of projecting.

As you concentrate on the heart you may find the beats intensifying, a small noise, very high-pitched, whirring like a motor inside your head, a feeling of not being able to move. Then a kind of an electric sensation passing through the body, as this happens you may feel yourself rising up, lifting up out of the body. As you lift, you have projected. You re in the Astral. Sometimes during the exercise you may get a feeling of immobilisation, but don t worry, let the projection happen, continue with the exercise and you can eventually float upwards, don t be distracted from it by any of the sensations that are taking place or you can lose it.

If you are sure that you have projected but feel as though you can t move, as though you are paralysed, then roll over on your side and get up that way. You may have projected just a little way, in which case you may wonder whether you actually are out of the body, so you can check to verify that you have actually projected. To do this, get up from the bed, do it really, not mentally, but do it very slowly and deliberately, without sharp, sudden movements.

Then you ll see that you are in the Astral, take a look around at the place that you are in, whether the room is exactly like it is normally, if there is anything strange.

If you re still not sure then jump in the air and try to fly, if it s the Astral you can fly and a whole new dimension is open to you to explore. Just don t try jumping out of the window. If you have projected higher, then you know that you re in the Astral, so explore by walking outside your house and flying, or by concentrating on or visualising a place that you want to go to, then you go there rapidly.

The sensations of projecting can sometimes be different to the way that I have just described, for example, when you are concentrating you may feel the beats intensifying, as they get stronger you feel that you re moving with them, the sensation increases as you go higher and higher with each beat, until you rise up out of the body.

As I explained earlier, I found my first experience a bit frightening, going into the unknown, not knowing if I would ever come back. But experience has taught me not to worry, we dream every night, we are in the Astral but nothing bad ever happens to us, we don t get stuck out there, we have a silver cord that attaches us in the Astral body to the physical body, it stretches infinitely long and is never broken unless we die, which doesn t happen by projecting, it doesn t just snap although there is a limit to how far we can go in the universe.

Nor can we get out and not be able to find a way back. The silver cord always pulls us back, we only have to move during sleep or wake up and we re back in the body. The difficulty is staying out there long enough. It so easy to get pulled back, then you usually begin to fade away, or travel backwards at a rapid pace until you fall back into the body. It can help to hold onto an object so that you are not pulled back so quickly while you are there.

It s also important to watch that there are no large emotions or egos such as fear or elation at being there, because these can be enough to pull us back straightaway. You also need to be as aware as possible and to maintain that awareness for as long as you can, because any daydreams there actually turn into dreams and before you know it you re in a dream and you don t realise that you projected until you wake up from sleep.

The Astral is best done in a relaxed way, forcing it can interfere with the exercise, so it s important not to force it, do it for as long as your body allows it, it s better to gradually train the body, then you become trained to sleep like this instead of falling to sleep in the usual way. Sometimes you may be trying and not be able to sleep, so when you feel that you have tried for long enough, change to a more comfortable position that is better for sleep.

It s important to practise this exercise a lot, because it can be difficult, the more you try the more you learn about it. Much persistence, patience and dedication is required, you need to keep going every night, even if you have no success for a while, then all of a sudden you find that it works. If you don t keep going then what you have built up can quickly be lost and you have to build up the daily momentum again.

Ways to Concentrate on the Heart There are different ways of concentrating on the heart, here are some of them, explore them over the next 2 weeks and find out which works best for you: 1.

Feeling the heart beats- Your simply direct your attention to your heart with the purpose of focusing on your heart beats and trying to feel them throughout the body until your whole body is a heart beat.

If you maintain the concentration on the heart beat without random thinking you should be able to astral project. Visualising the physical heart- Direct your attention to the heart with the purpose of focusing on your physical heart inside yourself through visualisation. That is, explore the heart in detail everywhere; the chambers, the arteries attached to the heart, the texture of the muscle, surfaces, etc.

Explore in this way in the inner and outer parts of the heart, try to find out how and why is made that way, using your imagination which gives you an instant insight into it if you do it right. Visualising yourself being your heart inside your physical body- Again you direct your attention to the heart in exactly the same way as number 2, but this time imagine that you are the heart inside your own physical body visualising how it feels to be the heart pumping the blood, how it feels when the blood arrives to the heart, etc.

Visualising that your physical body is a heart Direct your attention to your heart, then imagine it expanding and becoming your physical body, the same size as your physical body, explore the heart and its beating like that. Visualising your heart as a Temple - Direct your attention to your heart and visualise it being like a temple, a place with light and with the layout of a temple as you imagine or know one to be.

Gradually get used to any of these techniques, particularly lying down on your back if you are not used to it. Start with 10 minutes and then if you feel tired just go to sleep and try again the next time you wake up in the night or early in the morning, it could work at any time, for example if you wake up just 30 minutes before getting up from bed it could be the time that works.

Don t be afraid of not being able to go to sleep, because this will only be an obstacle for your exercise, it won t let you try the exercise whole-heartedly and your efforts will be wasted. If you feel that you can carry on with the exercise for more than 10 minutes do so, but do not force yourself.

The Best Astral Projection Course: Online OBE Training (PDF Ebook)

Every time that we go to sleep this takes place unconsciously, but there are techniques to go there consciously and on this course I will explain some that I have seen to be most effective. Sleep is required to project, because it is with sleep that the Astral body separates from the physical one. The two bodies are attached by a silver cord which stretches infinitely, it sends messages between one body and the other and which enables the person in the Astral body to go back to the physical body as soon as they wake up from sleep. When you carry out the Astral projection technique it causes you to go through the process of sleep consciously, you are then aware of all the processes sometimes just some of them that take place within the transition period between wakefulness and sleep, until the two bodies separate. In this topic will look at techniques to prepare for the Astral and one very effective technique of Astral projection. Establishing the Foundation for Astral Travel 1. If you don t do this, the techniques given to project are less likely to work.

A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams book. Read 20 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Astral projection can change your life forever.

Books and Courses by Belsebuub

The first course organized by subject that was run on the original Mysticweb. It was a very popular course, and consistently drew the largest number of people out of all the courses offered on Mysticweb. Over the years tens of thousands of participants joined this course in many different countries around the world either online or in person at a study center. One reason this course was so popular was its practical focus.

A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams

This book explains dreams and out-of-body experiences, and provides tools to explore beyond the body. In it, Belsebuub explains how to astral project, experience lucid dreaming, recall dreams and receive guidance from the astral plane and dreams.

[PDF Download] A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams [Download] Online

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Belzebuub (pronounced Bel-se-boob) is the author of a number of books on out-​of-body experiences, dreams, self-knowledge, and consciousness including A.

WEEK 2 HOW TO ASTRAL PROJECT. By Mark Pritchard. Astral Projection

The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph

Astral projection can change your life forever. Imagine floating up into the air, flying to distant places, or meeting with spiritual beings. Imagine all this happening while you are out-of-body, knowing that it isn't a fantasy, but very real. This book offers the best astral travel techniques put together in a step-by-step guide by Belzebuub who has nearly 20 years of experience, and has today reached an advanced level of proficiency in astral projection and explorations out of the body. Already proven by thousands of people over the last decade, A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams will prepare and train you to successfully achieve an out-of-body experience. You will receive precise guidance to help you to master the different stages of astral projection so that you can make the best use of your time out-of-body.

After coordinating efforts with Hereward Carrington, the famous American investigator of the unknown, the two published the sensational, jointly authored book The Projection of the Astral Body in Read full biography or download a free similar ebook for free. The combination of a bright mind, scientific knowledge, and interest in the paranormal led him to publish many books on many diverse topics. In it, the term astral plane is predominantly used for astral projection. Nevertheless, the book is not without some helpful guidelines concerning techniques.

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