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action verbs and linking verbs worksheet pdf

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Action & Linking Verbs

According to traditional English grammar guides, a linking verb describes the subject by connecting it with the rest of a sentence. Unlike other verbs, this type of verb does not convey action. Instead, they describe or identify a subject.

Think of them as the glue that holds a sentence together. Typically, verbs are action words. Instead of acting, they describe and connect. Specifically, this type of verb describes a state of being. Moreover, it connects the subject of a sentence with the subject complements. Subject complements are predicate nouns or predicate adjectives. Words that can function as a linking or an action verb include smell, appear, look, and sound.

There are 23 total linking verbs in the English language. This total is made up of about eight verbs that are always linking. Examples include become , seem , and any form of the verb to be like am , is , are , was , were , and has been. Additionally, this total includes about 15 more verbs that can also be action or helping verbs. There are 12 popular linking verbs is, seems, be, am, becomes, been, are, feels, being, was, appears, were. But, you can transform some of them into other forms, such as helping verbs.

Linking and helping verbs are not the same. For example, helping verbs come before the main verb in a sentence. They convey time or meaning. Conversely, linking verbs connect the subject to the rest of the sentence. They describe a state of being. To make matters more confusing, there is some overlap between linking and helping verbs. For instance, is, am, are, was, were, be, been, and being can be linking and helping verbs depending on the context of the sentence.

You can use linking and helping verbs separately or in the same sentence. First, replace your verb with is or are. If the sentence still makes sense, then your verb is most likely a linking verb. This is because is and are can act as linking verb s, but they are also effective substitutes for others.

If the sentence still make sense, the verb is almost certainly a linking verb. The final trick is to decide whether the verb describes a state of being or an action. However, in this example, the meaning of the sentence changes when we substitute the verb in question:. The verb dries is an action verb because it describes an action the subject takes and not a state of being. One of my favorite short-hand tactics for taking notes in History class.

Replacing the verb in question with an equal sign can also help you determine what kind of verb a word is. The example above describes the subject, Daria. The linking category of verbs describes the subject and connects it to the rest of the sentence. Therefore, smells is linking here. However, this example describes an action that the subject of the sentence took. In other words, this example describes something that Daria did. The answer is TRUE. Linking verbs connect the subject of a sentence with its predicate.

The answer is B. Seems connects the subject, John, with the rest of the sentence. The answer is A. Unlike linking verbs, helping verbs help the main verb in a sentence by extending its meaning.

Seems is a linking verb that connects the subject of a sentence with its predicate. Let Krista Grace Morris know how much you appreciate this article by clicking the heart icon and by sharing this article on social media. From Linguistics and History to puns and memes, she's interested in the systems we create to share our ideas with each other. Thank you! We will be adding a downloadable.

PDF with a full list of linking and helping verbs plus many more examples. We will let you know once it is available. Stay tuned! Thank you again for your warm comment and for reading. Hi Merlin, thanks for your question.

We made a downloadable. Let us know what you think! Thanks again for reading. WOW, Jade! Thank you for such warm words. This is a tough subject at any age! The PDF in the article is also a great study guide for your students. The quizzes are also helpful practice. Thanks again for your comments! Wow, Viktor! Thank you for your kind words. Please do share our images and infographics to show the artists how much you enjoy their work, and help others understand these concepts as well.

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Linking Verbs. Instead, they connect the subject of a sentence with the rest of the sentence. They join a subject with its predicate noun or adjective. There are 12 main and 23 total linking verbs in the English language. These are always linking verbs : to seem , to become , and any form of the verb to be. She seemed upset after the meeting. The flowers smelled lovely. He looked nervous when the teacher called on him during class. The new yellow wallpaper in the dining room is stunning.

The twins were outside when the storm hit! All of the children stayed calm during the fire drill. Eliminate errors, get topic ideas, increase productivity, and outrank your competition with the 1 smartest content editor — INK. Linking Verb Definition : a word or expression that joins the subject of a sentence with its predicate. Benji is my neighbor. McCormick is my teacher. Kylie is my boss. Erica feels tired.

Erica is tired. Samantha seems stressed when she writes essays. Samantha is stressed when she writes essays. The sky appears cloudy. The sky is cloudy. During the summer, my laundry dries quickly.

Action Verbs and Linking Verbs

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The boxes are Action verb. Exercise 4: Label all of the verbs in the following sentences. Start studying Action, Linking, and Helping Verbs. How Many Linking Verbs are There? They show action.

Part 2: Tell which words are nouns and which ones are action verbs. 2-sided worksheet. 2nd through 4th Grades. View PDF. Common Core. Multiple Versions​.

helping verbs and linking verbs

Comparing Numbers. Daily Math Review. Division Basic.

Action Helping Linking Verbs Worksheets

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There was a time when I could stay up very late. Examples of linking verbs include: to be, to become, and to seem. She and her mother traveling to the nearest hospital. These three examples are always linking verbs.

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