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How To Read Hands At No-Limit Hold em. Ed Miller

Asked by Malfaire. Shipping to Amazon warehouses, but the fastest way is to order through Conjelco's order form. Amazon will get you think in the beginning of June. I believe mine should be here next week. The Table of Contents have been scanned and posted online the authors are cool with this , please download to view the links if you'd like to see. This was posted in another forum first, but figured there would would be interest here.

I also found it interesting that everything seemed to be very short bullets and Part 2: Concepts is relatively large as compared to the rest of Part 1. For discussion: someone raised the point in another forum that they don't feel it's a great idea taking advice from someone on NLHE that hasn't had great succcess with said concepts i.

Sklansky has no place telling people what correct NLHE theory is as he's not a master of the game. I have my position, but I'll let someone else start the discussion. I read the entire post that you refer to on 2p2. And i think that Buck was way out of line. You can think what you want about David Sklansky and his star appeal; but the man has a clear cut theoritical understanding of the game of POKER.

Bar none. I wouldn't put him in the league with some of the top players in the games, but he holds his own nevertheless in other areas of Hold em. My question to anyone who disagrees is, how is it that most if not all of the more successful players who suggest books to read, suggest books that were written by Sklansky?

As for Ed Miller, he is an accomplished player in his own right. Its not easy to verify ANYONE'S cash game results; but, I personally will take on faith the information that will be given out to us in this upcoming book. Both books are widely recommended by some of the top player on and off line. So hey, thats my opinion on that. As for the table fo contents,Wow!!!

Some of the topics being discussed are gonna be tremendous. I also here that they are coming out with a small stakes version that discusses online play. Thats the one I am waiting for to purchase. Yeah, I have no problem with posing the question for the topic of discussion, but Jebus, Buck did it in such a shitty way.

Now, I'm an asshole online sometimes for my own amusement, but even I was offended by the tone of his posts. Guy seems about as cool as a sack of buttholes. That being said, I'm definitely on the same page with you. Sure, Sklansky may not be the most fear NLHE player on the planet, but I have no doubt that his theoretical take on the game is rock solid.

As far as poker strategy in general, Theory of Poker is such an all encompassing book that a ton of top players recommend. I'm shocked that this forum isn't as excited, quite honestly. I'm not even going to get into his Tournament Poker for Advanced Players, another great read. Sklansky is pretty damn amazing in recommending the most mathematically sound strategies for optimal play.

Personally, I don't think this is entirely how NLHE should be played, only the backbone of which it should be based upon. That being said, 'feel' can't be taught in a book; you have to learn it from situations. In the meantime, it would be pretty damn smart to have your math and strategy straight. Just to play devil's advocate, I will say that I feel Sklansky's method of writing is quite dry. It's mathematical almost to the point of not being accessible to everyone.

I found Harrington on Hold'em to be a much more interesting and 'fun' read; the examples were great. That being said, I have no doubt that the book will impact the poker community in a large way.

Sklansky is tops in one of two forms of intelligence as if relates to poker , and he is trying to help us with that. Crystallized intelligence is basically equated with "book smarts. Sklansky is aiding our crystallized intelligence, as he has quite a bit of his own. However, he can't really help us with our fluid intelligence problem-solving, memory, learning, and pattern recognition.

A rough discription of these two forms of our intelligence can be found here:. Now, with regard to Sklansky and Miller's success on the table Their book can be VERY important for your development, and it has nothing to do with their success at the table.

It's equivalent to a coach who has a young stud that just needs to be taught a few things before he goes out and rushes for yards, and gets recruited by all the major colleges. The coach couldn't go out and get that many rushing yards. I know that one instance is physical, and the other is mental, but the concept remains the same.

Have to admit that I'm still shocked that more people aren't excited about this and HOH3. Do you guys have any thoughts on the fact that many, many players will be reading these books?

Any rough guesses on what percentage of players online will have these books and impliment their teachings? Maybe it just seems to me at least like a large percentage of players will have them, since you can assume players on this site have a desire to become more knowledgeable about the game. While reading them, are you simply going to attempt to absorb as much information as you can, or also formulate counter-strategies to the material presented? I'd say that implimentation of these teachings is overall going to make you more money by making your play more optimal.

I see what you're getting at though. I'd say that maybe 2. Just my take though. I'm going to try to absorb as much as possible, but I'm not sure how "counter-able" these strategies are: I have not yet read the book. I'm putting words in your mouth, but I think what you're really saying is that poker is a game best played by doing the opposite of what your opponents are doing, and I'd agree with you. While I want them to succeed and sell extremely well for the authors, I can't see them being something that every player is going to own.

One thing to remember, also, about these books is that they are not a "how to. Instead, they are a book to think about poker from a perspective that you either did not have before, or could not accurately articulate. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

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You can adjust your cookie settings , otherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue. Question 0. Posted May 25, Okay, not a news flash, but I wanted to make a thread for this. A few things: 1. Harrington On Hold'Em Vol. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Recommended Posts. Malfaire, I read the entire post that you refer to on 2p2. The two forms of intelligence are crystallized, and fluid.

Jack -- very eloquently stated; I agree. Posted May 28, Just got my copy; possible review to follow. Both mine on order. Looking forward to it! Posted May 29, Smyythe, great question. Hey, I could be wrong, though, Super System got pretty popular. Posted June 1, Join the conversation You can post now and register later. Answer this question Insert image from URL. Yuri Martins Previous: 2. SirWatts Previous: 5. RuiNF Previous: 6. Sign In Sign Up.

David Sklansky

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No Limit Hold 'em Theory and Practice (David Sklansky, Ed Miller).pdf

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Asked by Malfaire. Shipping to Amazon warehouses, but the fastest way is to order through Conjelco's order form. Amazon will get you think in the beginning of June. I believe mine should be here next week. The Table of Contents have been scanned and posted online the authors are cool with this , please download to view the links if you'd like to see.

Register a free business account. No-Limit Hold'em is an extremely complex game that is difficult to learn and even more difficult to teach. Many authors.

Poker Books No-limit Holdem Pot-limit Omaha PDF download

But today, this is no longer the case. Even though no-limit hold em is not, from a Game Theory perspective, a solved game, many ideas and concepts which come from this branch of mathematics now play an important role in a strong, winning no-limit hold em strategy. The world s foremost poker theorist, David Sklansky, and noted poker authority, Ed Miller, will wise you up quickly. No Limit Hold em: Theory and Practice is the definitive work on this complex game.

There are two types of poker book; the ones you read once and the ones that you read again and again throughout your poker career. I strongly believe that the books below are the latter. Below is a list of what I believe to be best strategy books in each category from general strategy, no limit cash game strategy, tournament strategy and ebooks. The Theory of Poker is the best all-round poker book you are going to read. It does not address the game of Texas Hold'em specifically, but the true value of the book is that it teaches you how to think like a winning poker player.

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David Sklansky born December 22, [1] is an American professional poker player and author. An early writer on poker strategy, he was known for his mathematical approach to the game. His key work The Theory of Poker laid down fundamental principles on which much later analysis was based. He returned to Teaneck and passed multiple Society of Actuaries exams by the age of 20, and worked for an actuarial firm. Sklansky is a top authority [4] on gambling.

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Hold 'em Poker for Advanced Players by David Sklansky and Mason Malmuth is the position, psychology, heads-up play, game theory, and implied odds.

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