Prestack Depth Migration And Velocity Model Building Pdf

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prestack depth migration and velocity model building pdf

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Overview on the Fundamentals of Imaging

Discipline: Geophysics Level: Foundation Instructors who teach this course:. Michael Burianyk X DR. He has held several highly technical and research positions with a seismic contractor and later with Royal Dutch Shell. He has expertise in seismic Quantitative Interpretation QI , non-seismic Geophysics; in the development and application of geophysical technology and software; and experience in humanitarian applications of geophysics. He is a skilled and experienced oral and written communicator and has extensive experience in training, mentoring, managing, leadership and organization, intercultural communication and understanding.

Seismic migration

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Prestack Depth Migration and Velocity Model Building

Seismic migration is the process by which seismic events are geometrically re-located in either space or time to the location the event occurred in the subsurface rather than the location that it was recorded at the surface, thereby creating a more accurate image of the subsurface. This process is necessary to overcome the limitations of geophysical methods imposed by areas of complex geology, such as: faults , salt bodies , folding , etc. Migration moves dipping reflectors to their true subsurface positions and collapses diffractions , [4] resulting in a migrated image that typically has an increased spatial resolution and resolves areas of complex geology much better than non-migrated images.

The quality of a migration image depends strongly upon the accuracy of the velocity model. For tomographic velocity analysis, which is most popularly used in the seismic industry, pick errors, null space, velocity ambiguity and intrinsic nonlinearity all have a strong effect on the accuracy of the velocity model. The discussion in this paper is based on a post-migration tomography algorithm which can work on either offset domain common-image gathers CIGs or angle domain common-image gathers CAGs. A large number of depth residuals hyperbolic and non-hyperbolic and the structural dip field are automatically picked and high-graded based on the event semblance on the CIGs or CAGs and the coherency along the horizon on post-migrated stack volume.

Seismic Velocities and Depth Conversion - SVDC

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