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project cost management questions and answers pdf

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The cost of work completed. The anticipated total cost at project completion.

Organizations aim for their projects to be successful and to meet client expectations as well as their internal objectives. But what is the reality on the ground?

Project cost management involves the processes needed to estimate, budget, and control costs, so the project can be completed within the approved budget. Sitefinity ASP. Toggle navigation. What is Project Cost Management? The following processes and the primary goals of project cost management are below: Plan Cost Management.

Project Cost Management

These are temporary, in the sense that they are not routine work like production activity but most often one time set of activities undertaken. Provide some examples. A project for a product will result in a complete product or part of a product. An example would be the creation of the Microsoft Surprise tablet that used a liquid magnesium deposition process to create the enclosure. The process developed in the project will be used for subsequent production of the tablet.

Cost Management: PMP Study Guide (PMBok 6th Edition Knowledge Areas)

Question - 9 Your company has been hired to configure software in computers. All computers need equal time to configure. The contract for the project is set at a fixed cost, and the incentive based on how fast the project work is going to be completed. Management has requested that you study the work method to determine a faster, less costly, and a better method to complete the project. Time Constraint 2. Schedule Constraint 3.

Project Cost Management

Project Cost Management involves planning, budgeting, and managing costs. Cost management does not happen in isolation — the project manager needs input from the project team and key stakeholders. Cost management should occur early in project planning in order to establish a framework for all cost management processes and ensure that the project does not go over budget. Although estimating cost and determining budgets can be one process on small projects, PMI separates them into two processes because the exam assumes the PM is managing a large project. Many financial management techniques, such as ROI, payback, and discounted cash flow, are used during this process.

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Right now CPI is 0. What is Variance at Completion in this case? Question In an underground highway construction project, the project stakeholders have suggested many changes to the project scope.

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Answer the questions below. What are the advantages of Bottom-Up. Estimating? What are the disadvantages? EXERCIS 4: Cost Performance Index and.

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Free Project Cost Management Questions, Free PMP Chapter 7 Questions, Free PMP Answers: B CV = EV - AC; B – Actual cost is part of the CPI calculation; B​.

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