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Download Lippincott Q&A Review for NCLEX-RN 11th Edition PDF Free

Looking for the complete collection of practice questions? Please visit our Nursing Test Bank. We recommend you do all practice questions before you take the actual exam. Doing so will help reduce your test anxiety and help identify nursing topics you need to review.

To make the most of the practice exams, try to minimize mistakes to less than 15 questions and make sure to take your time in answering the questions especially when reading the rationales.

Quiz complete. Results are being recorded. You have reached 0 of 0 point s , 0. Looking for the rationales? While assessing a one-month-old infant, which of the findings warrants further investigation by the nurse? Select all that apply. A nurse is to administer meperidine hydrochloride Demerol mg, atropine sulfate Atropisol 0. List the order in which the nurse must carry out the following actions prior to the administration of preoperative medications.

A year-old pregnant woman comes to the clinic for her prenatal visit. The nurse gathers data about her obstetric history, which includes 3-year-old twins at home and a miscarriage 10 years ago at 12 weeks gestation. How would the nurse accurately document this information? Fill in the blanks. A year-old female who ingested 15 tablets of maximum strength acetaminophen 45 minutes ago is rushed to the emergency department. Which of these orders should the nurse do first?

Which complication of cardiac catheterization should the nurse monitor for in the initial 24 hours after the procedure? A client is admitted to the emergency room with renal calculi and is complaining of moderate to severe flank pain and nausea.

The priority nursing goal for this client is:. What would the nurse expect to see while assessing the growth of children during their school-age years? The hospital has sounded the call for a disaster drill on the evening shift. Which of these clients would the nurse put first on the list to be discharged in order to make a room available for a new admission? As part of the teaching plan, the nurse emphasizes that this medication:.

A 3-year-old child was brought to the pediatric clinic after the sudden onset of findings that include irritability, thick muffled voice, croaking on inspiration, hot to touch, sit leaning forward, tongue protruding, drooling, and suprasternal retractions.

What should the nurse do first? In children suspected to have a diagnosis of diabetes, which one of the following complaints would be most likely to prompt parents to take their school-age child for evaluation? A client comes to the clinic for treatment of recurrent pelvic inflammatory disease.

The nurse recognizes that this condition most frequently follows which type of infection? A registered nurse who usually works in a spinal rehabilitation unit is floated to the emergency department. Which of these clients should the charge nurse assign to this RN? Which of these findings indicate that a pump to deliver a basal rate of 10 ml per hour plus PRN for pain breakthrough for morphine drip is not working?

The nurse is speaking at a community meeting about personal responsibility for health promotion. A participant asks about chiropractic treatment for illnesses. The nurse is performing a neurological assessment on a client post right cerebrovascular accident. Which finding, if observed by the nurse, would warrant immediate attention?

A child who has recently been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis is in a pediatric clinic where a nurse is performing an assessment. Which later finding of this disease would the nurse not expect to see at this time? The home health nurse visits a male client to provide wound care and finds the client lethargic and confused. His wife states he fell down the stairs two 2 hours ago. The nurse should. Which of the following should the nurse implement to prepare a client for a KUB Kidney, Ureter, Bladder radiography test?

The nurse is giving discharge teaching to a client seven 7 days post-myocardial infarction. He asks the nurse why he must wait six 6 weeks before having sexual intercourse. What is the best response by the nurse to this question?

A triage nurse has these four 4 clients arrive in the emergency department within 15 minutes. Which client should the triage nurse send back to be seen first? While planning care for a toddler, the nurse teaches the parents about the expected developmental changes for this age. The nurse is preparing to administer an enteral feeding to a client via a nasogastric feeding tube.

The most important action of the nurse is:. The nurse is caring for a client with a serum potassium level of 3. Which of the following EKG patterns indicates to the nurse that the infusions should be discontinued? A nurse prepares to care for a 4-year-old newly admitted for rhabdomyosarcoma. The nurse should alert the staff to pay more attention to the function of which area of the body?

The nurse anticipates that for a family who practices Chinese medicine the priority goal would be to:. During an assessment of a client with cardiomyopathy, the nurse finds that the systolic blood pressure has decreased from to mm Hg and the heart rate has risen from 72 to 96 beats per minute and the client complains of periodic dizzy spells.

The nurse instructs the client to:. The nurse prepares the client for the insertion of a pulmonary artery catheter Swan-Ganz catheter.

The nurse teaches the client that the catheter will be inserted to provide information about:. After calling for help, the first action the nurse should take is:. A client is receiving digoxin Lanoxin 0. The health care provider has written a new order to give metoprolol Lopressor 25 mg B. In assessing the client prior to administering the medications, which of the following should the nurse report immediately to the health care provider?

The nurse practicing in a maternity setting recognizes that the postmature fetus is at risk due to:. The nurse is caring for a client who had a total hip replacement seven 7 days ago. A year-old male client with heart failure has been taking furosemide for the past week. Which of the following assessment cues below may indicate the client is experiencing a negative side effect from the medication?

The nurse is caring for a year-old female client with venous stasis ulcer. Which nursing intervention would be most effective in promoting healing? Which of these statements best describes the characteristics of an effective reward-feedback system? The nurse is providing information to a client with multiple sclerosis on performing exercises and physical activities. The nurse determines the client needs additional teaching if the client makes which statements?

Which of the following medications would be contraindicated if the patient were pregnant? The history indicates the patient has photosensitive reactions to medications.

Which of the following drugs is associated with photosensitive reactions? A patient tells you that her urine is starting to look discolored. Which of the following drugs, if found inside the fridge, should be removed? A year-old female has recently been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.

She has also recently discovered that she is pregnant. Which of the following is the only immunoglobulin that will provide protection to the fetus in the womb? A second-year nursing student has just suffered a needlestick while working with a patient that is positive for AIDS. Which of the following is the most significant action that the nursing student should take? A thirty-five-year-old male has been an insulin-dependent diabetic for five years and now is unable to urinate. Which of the following would you most likely suspect?

You are taking the history of a year-old girl who has a BMI of The girl reports inability to eat, induced vomiting and severe constipation. A year-old female is admitted to the ER due to confusion. This patient has a history of a myeloma diagnosis, constipation, intense abdominal pain, and polyuria.

Based on the presenting signs and symptoms, which of the following would you most likely suspect? A new mother has some questions about phenylketonuria PKU. Which of the following statements made by a nurse is not correct regarding PKU?

A patient has taken an overdose of aspirin. Which of the following should a nurse must closely monitor for during acute management of this patient? A year-old blind and deaf patient has been admitted to your floor. As the charge nurse, your primary responsibility for this patient is? A patient is getting discharged from a skilled nursing facility SNF. The patient is primarily concerned about his ability to breathe easily.

Lippincott’s Pharmacology illustrated review Q & As free download book

Abc Nclex Questions Quizlet. Learn about nclex practice questions with free interactive flashcards. Coping skills and trust in relationships may be learned or enhanced. I graduated May , I tested a month after. I would totally recommend it!

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PrepU was a life saver. PrepU customizes quizzing for each individual student. Learn More. In a review of student performance data at Central Carolina Technical College, an analysis of adjusted final course grades and PrepU usage revealed a significant, positive correlation between number of questions and course grade.

Lippincott’s Illustrated Q&A Review of Biochemistry

The new edition contains 6, NCLEX questions more than any other NCLEX book with answers and rationales for correct and incorrect answers — the perfect tool to help students study and prepare. The questions are of the highest quality—application level and higher. This book contains all of the latest alternate format questions and is the only book updated to the latest NCLEX test plan.

Download Lippincott’s Illustrated Q&A Review of Rubin’s Pathology 2nd Edition PDF Free

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Looking for the complete collection of practice questions? Please visit our Nursing Test Bank. We recommend you do all practice questions before you take the actual exam.

Prepare for the NCLEX-RN exam Anytime-Anywhere (No network connection required). Work at your own pace and ASK AN EXPERT for help (All questions.

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Other features include the use of all the types of alternateformat. Magazine: [[F. The book has more than 6, questions reviewing the four major content areas of pre-licensure programs: obstetrics, pediatrics, medicalsurgical, and mental health nursing. The textbook also includes six comprehensive examinations to provide students a realistic example of the NCLECX-RN test, in which items are randomized by subject area and difficulty, and an additional new examination focused specifically on the challenging content area of pharmacology. Other features include the use of all the types of alternateformat questions found on the licensing examination, detailed rationales for both correct and incorrect answers, information about the NCLEX-RN, study tips, and a Content Mastery and Test- Taking Self Analysis grid by which students can chart their own progress and modify study as needed. Short-link Link Embed.

Designed to help anyone preparing to take the RN licensing examination. Students and faculty also use the book as a study guide and practice tests for preparing for faculty-made examinations.

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QWhich class of drug is most commonly prescribed to increase cardiac output? Mark one answer: Beta-adrenergic agonist. Angiotensin-converting enzyme.

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The new edition contains 6, NCLEX questions (more than any other NCLEX book) with answers and rationales for correct and incorrect answers – the.

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The new edition contains 6, NCLEX questions (more than any other NCLEX book) with answers and rationales for correct and incorrect answers - the perfect​.

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