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In the following sections, it will deconstruct his fusion of security and emancipation by analyzing the ontology of the former and the logic of the latter.

Ken Booth (academic)

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Critical Security Studies and World Politics should be read widely among students of politics The authors point to new ways of conceptualizing the world and understanding the factors and forces that are recasting the international landscape The book is structured around three concepts—security, community, and emancipation—that arguably are central to the future shape of world politics. Each of its three parts begins with a survey of key theoretical issues, followed by an investigation of current case material. The authors emphasize that critical security is about the problems of real people in real places, and about linking theory and practice. Throughout, they address the fundamental questions at the heart of critical thinking about security.

Book Review: Critical Approaches to International Security, 2nd Edition

First, its conceptual emptiness allows for genuinely inductive research into public experiences, understandings, anxieties, and fears. Second, it offers engagement with a potentially far richer tapestry of everyday in securities by refusing to prioritize particular populations by virtue of their identity or sociopolitical position. And, third, such an approach avoids the universalism inherent within related, yet more explicitly cosmopolitan, approaches to security. The article begins by situating vernacular security studies within relevant intellectual and geo- political dynamics from the late twentieth century. A second section distinguishes this approach from six alternative traditions with a similar emphasis on individual human referents: human security, critical security studies, postcolonialism, feminism, ontological security studies, and everyday security studies. The article then elaborates on the significance and added value of vernacular approaches to security, before outlining core conceptual, methodological, and ethical questions for future research. Most users should sign in with their email address.

Security and Emancipation by Ken Booth — A Summary

Ken Booth describes Theory of World Security as the culmination of a thirty-year project. His central thesis is that to respond to that crisis we need a critical theory of world security, as only emancipation can produce true security. In much of his ambition, Booth is successful. Theoretically, it delivers a more extensive version of the elements of a critical security theory than Booth outlined in his edited volume, Critical Security Studies and World Politics.

Universal Security/Emancipation: A Critique of Ken Booth


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