Impact Of Training And Development On Employee Performance Que Tionnaire Pdf

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impact of training and development on employee performance que tionnaire pdf

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employee performance questionnaire pdf

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Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Nicko Anonat. Madiha Jutt. Show More. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. No notes for slide. Date: ………………………………. Date ………………………………………….. Sincere gratitude is hereby extended to the following people who never ceased in helping until this research paper got accomplished successfully.

Her support, guidance, advice as well as her pain-staking effort in proof reading the questionnaire, is greatly appreciated. Indeed, without her guidance, I would not be able to put the topic together. Thank you so much. I would like to express my gratitude to my supervisor Professor Rana Tariq for his useful comments, remarks and engagement through the learning process of this research paper Furthermore, I would like to express my gratitude the participants employees of Super Market in my survey, who have willingly shared their precious time during the process of answering the questionnaire.

I would like to thank my lovely and supportive friends, who have supported me throughout entire process, both by keeping me harmonious and helping me putting pieces together. I will be grateful forever for your love, dedication and devotion.

Last but not least, I would like to thank my parents for their unconditional support, both financially and emotionally throughout the completion of my entire education.

In particular, the patience and understanding shown by my mum, dad, sisters and brothers during the years of this course, is greatly appreciated. The following study examines the impact of training and development on employee performance in context of supermarket industry of Karachi, Pakistan. The research is based on a questionnaire where respondents are taken as sample size. Each variable Employee performance Dependent variable and Training and development Independent Variable comprises of 10 questions.

The data was tested on SPSS The results of the regression analysis signify that there is a positive and significant relationship between training and development and employee performance in context of supermarket industry of Pakistan. The study emphasizes on a transparent process for employee performance evaluation. Also, the training and development process should be quantitative and effective.

Michael Jucius explains defines training as "a procedure in which the aptitudes, abilities and skills of employees to execute particular job. Edwin B. Dale S. According to Dubashi, P. Stephen P. Robins and David A. Training in the corporate world is considered as a necessity rather than a luxury.

It is more like an investment of the organization in Human Resource. In the absence of planned and systematic training, employees learn their job either with the help of trial and error through observation. These methods cost additional time and energy, thus increasing the cost of training increases too.

Still, there is no assurance that the employee will learn properly. This is an imposed obligation to the employee by the employer. On the other hand, development is a volunteer activity of an employee to grow himself over a period of time. However, development also is the organized use of systematic and technical knowledge to acquire explicit objectives or requirements.

Raymond describes the term development as future oriented, volunteer activity of an employee to enhance his abilities and skills in long run. Development is a long run educational procedure emphasizes on a systematic and organized method through which managerial personnel acquire conceptual and theoretical knowledge.

It is intended for the in general development of managers to assemble their long run requirements. Thus, development tends to be an initiative that is intentional and comes from the employee himself. The training initiative comes from the managers of the 6.

Whereas, development is an initiative comes from the employee voluntarily and is long run in time period. How well employees do their jobs as compared to the set of standards determined by the employer. Performance might be described as the attainment of particular job calculated on the bases of identified or set standards of accurateness, completeness, speed and cost.

Under an employment agreement, performance is supposed to be the achievement of an assigned obligation in such a way that releases the performer from all accountabilities written in the contract. Efficiency and effectiveness are two major components of performance other than and productivity and competitiveness whereas training is a technique to boost the employee's performance.

Kenney et al. Good performance illustrates how well an employee has performed his or her assigned tasks. All the organizations have certain set of expectations towards the employees and their performance to achieve allocated objectives.

Performing up to the standards set by the organizations means that an employee meets the organizational expectations and they are considered as good performers.

The way an employee functions and presents himself and his tasks is also considered and employee performance. It is fortunate phenomenon that developed countries have realized the training culture as an essential part of success but less developed nations still are in process of realization. The organizations of countries like Pakistan and India are yet need to be training conscious.

One major purpose of Human Resource Management for effectual use of human resources is training and development. No one can deny the fact that Employees are quite crucial and expensive resource to every organization regardless of its size and age. The noteworthy changes have been observed since last years in terms of the value recognition of the employees.

Training is thus considered vital to enhance the skills knowledge and attitude of employees. The researches in Past supports the evidence regarding the positive affect of training programs on both employee and organizational performance. With the help of training employees can gauge their performances, identify and improve their weaknesses and turn out to be expert in their jobs and thus, tend to give better results.

Training and development has the distinctive part in the attainment of an organizational goal by integrating the interests of organization and the workforce Stone R J. Human Resource Management, No any doubt exists against the fact that training is significant in all aspect for an organization. Employee performance management is a procedure that organisations acquire to make sure that their employees are participating to producing a high quality product or service.

Employee performance management supports the employee to contribute in the planning for the 8. Performance is actually the ration of output to input. This is a procedure of uninterrupted improvement in the production through effective and efficient use of inputs, with stress on teamwork and collaboration for the betterment of all.

Hardly any organization these days would disagree with the significance of training influencing the success of an organization. In the world of hi-tech era, Employees are a critical and expensive resource whose retention is essential.

Most of the leading writers have done the research in this regard. They have strong belief and statistic prove to the importance of training and development for the growth of organization as well as the economy.

the impact of training and development on employee performance.pdf

The quality of Human Resource is an asset to any organization and as a result Training has become an issue that has to be faced by every organization. The amount, and quality of training carried out varies enormously from organization to organization due to factors such as the degree of external change, for instance, new markets or new processes, the adaptability of existing workforce and importantly the extent to which the organization supports the idea of internal career development. Most organizations meet their needs for training in an ad hoc and haphazard way whiles others set about identifying their training needs, then design training activities in a rational manner and finally assess the results of training. The research was intended to determine the role and impact of training on employees with emphasis on the lower, middle level staff and the administrators of GPHA, who were randomly selected. The study assessed the training and development process of GPHA and whether training has improved employee performance. A questionnaire was designed using structured questions to collect primary data from employees of GPHA. Personal interviews were held with some management staff of the organization.

So, it is mentioned that Job Performance as an employee work performance utilizes the skills, knowledge, and dedication needed to obtain meaningful work is done well, In a fast-changing business environment, companies can achieve a This was calculated in the following way: who participated in the survey to examine the comprehensiveness and clarity of the items and dimen-, sions of a proposed scale. The findings revealed that participative leadership is the most effective leadership style. The results suggest that pretesting is effective in identifying some types of problem questions but not others. The results indicated to a significant positive relationship between job analysis and job performance, job analysis and procedural justice, and a positive relationship between procedural justice and job performance. Identification with organization is considered largely affects Knowledge worker' work behavior and work attitude and hence Organizational Identification has become a focus of study for the theorists and researchers in the fields of Social Psychology and Organizational Behavior. A lot of research both home and abroad have been carried out to ascertain variables that have its impact on employees' performance.

The Effects of Training and Development on Employee Performance in the Public Sector of Ghana

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Scientific Research An Academic Publisher. However, training can still be a part of any attempts at succession planning, and for such reasons employee attitude is critical. Elnaga and Imran p.

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Training in the performance appraisal process is provided to employees.

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The study concluded that training and development have important impact on employee performance and productivity. Therefore, it was recommended that effective training programs and carefully set development plans should be provided to all employees to enable them to enhance their skills and upgrade their knowledge.

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Training and development of employees and job satisfaction of employees are two crucial components for the performance of employee.

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